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06 December 2021
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05 November 2021
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Management of municipal waste directly from all residential properties within the area of the Municipality of Strawczyn in a manner ensuring achievement of appropriate levels of recycling, preparation for reuse and recovery by other methods and reduction of biodegradable waste mass transferred for storage in accordance with the provisions of law in this respect. Waste management includes municipal waste collected in a selective and mixed manner.
Municipal waste will be managed in a manner ensuring achievement of appropriate levels of recycling, preparation for re-use and recovery of waste fractions by other methods - defined in generally applicable legal regulations, including the Act of 13 September 1996 on Maintaining Cleanliness and Order in Communes (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 888) and secondary legislation thereto.Forecasted estimated quantity of waste Mg (2022/2023):1 Unsorted (mixed) municipal waste (20 03 01) - 995,180/1094,6982 Mixed packaging waste (15 01 06), Plastic packaging ( 15 01 02) - 286,200/314,8203 Glass packaging (15 01 07) - 254,640/280,1044 Paper and cardboard packaging (15 01 01) - 21,970/24,1675 Municipal waste not otherwise specified (20 03 99) ash - 304,040/334,4446 Biodegradable kitchen waste (20 01 08 ) Biodegradable waste (20 02 01) - 133,240/146,5647 Bulky waste (20 03 07) - 66,520/73,172 A detailed description and method of performance is described in Chapter II of the Terms of Reference.1Delivery of waste shall be documented by the Contractor. Each entry shall be registered and confirmed with a document containing the date of import, type, code and weight of waste, vehicle registration number and delivery identification. A copy of the above document shall be given to the driver of the waste supplier upon delivery of each batch of waste.2. As part of documenting the services of managing waste from residential properties covered by this contract and in connection with the reporting requirements set forth in the Act on Maintaining Cleanliness and Order in Municipalities, the entity providing the service shall be obliged to: 1) weigh all municipal waste delivered on a legalised vehicle scale; 2) keep documents confirming the weighing referred to in point 1) and provide the Ordering Party with monthly reports (submitted in paper form) containing the quantities of waste collected (resulting from information contained in the BDO system); 3) keep current records of waste delivered for management under the contract with the Ordering Party, in accordance with legal regulations. The service will be settled on a monthly basis based on the total weight of mixed municipal waste accepted for management and the weight of selectively collected waste from property owners in accordance with the applicable regulations. Settlement for the performance of the subject matter of the contract will take place each time after the end of a calendar month, on the basis of a correctly issued VAT invoice submitted to the Ordering Party along with a monthly report (submitted in paper form) including the quantities of municipal waste accepted (resulting from the information contained in the BDO system).5 The Contractor will present the report referred to in item 4 with a breakdown into mixed waste and segregated waste into individual fractions.6.The Contractor shall provide the Contracting Authority with all required reports specified in the applicable waste management regulations within the time limits provided for by the law.

Opportunity closing date
06 December 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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