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Opportunity closing date
04 December 2019
Opportunity publication date
26 October 2019
90511000: Refuse collection services
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The subject of the contract is a service in the field of municipal waste collection and management from the owners of real estate in the Poronin commune - inhabited and uninhabited real estate on which waste is produced. Services in the field of collection and management of the entire amount of municipal waste provided by the property owners, both unsegregated, mixed municipal waste (kitchen waste, kitchen animal waste, dirty paper, greasy paper, carbon paper, wallpaper, hygienic waste, diapers, household glass, porcelain, mirrors, window and car windows, articles made of a combination of plastics with other materials, car oil bottles, foamed polystyrene, rubber, pesticide packaging, aerosol packaging, varnishes, deodorants, oil packaging, lubricants, paints and varnishes, etc.) and waste collected and collected in a selective manner (segregated waste - paper, cardboard, metal, plastics, glass, plastic packaging, metal packaging, paper and cardboard packaging, glass packaging, multi-material packaging, juice cartons, milk) "green - bio waste" - kitchen waste biodegradable vegetable waste (peelings, vegetable waste, etc.) "green - bio waste" - biodegradable kitchen waste (peelings, vegetable waste, etc.) "bio-waste" - "bio-waste" - biodegradable vegetable waste" - "bio-waste" - "bio-waste" - "bio-waste" - "bio-waste" - "bio-waste" (peelings, vegetable waste, etc.) - "bio-waste" - "bio-waste" - "bio-waste" - "bio-waste" - biodegradable waste" - "bio-waste" - "bio-waste" - "bio-waste" - "bio-waste" - "bio-waste".), plant biodegradable waste (leaves, grasses, branches, etc.), waste from plant markets, other fractions of municipal waste collected and collected separately - "slag, ash".) Used batteries and accumulators, used electrical and electronic equipment, large-size waste, tyres, outdated medicines - "cytotoxic and cytostatic drugs", "other medicines, construction and demolition waste - "municipal waste not listed in other subgroups, construction and demolition waste generated by residents living in the property is collected and disposed of in accordance with the rules specified in the resolution on additional services provided by the municipality in the scope of collecting municipal waste from property owners. The Ordering Party, based on the analysis of annual reports on municipal waste management, provincial and national waste management plans and the analysis carried out at the local Municipal Office, estimates the size of the subject of the order during the order implementation period at approx. 4,700 tons of waste divided into: 1) non-segregated waste - approx. 2,700 tons,2) waste collected selectively - approx. 1,300 tons.3) biodegradable green waste - approx. 300 tons.4) bulky waste, tyres, used household appliances, etc. - approx. 300 tons.5) construction debris - approx. 100 tons.

Opportunity closing date
04 December 2019
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Gmina Poronin ul. Józefa Piłsudskiego 5 Poronin 34-520 Poland

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