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Opportunity closing date
11 November 2019
Opportunity publication date
23 September 2019
45234125: Underground railway station
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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earthworks:- earthworks ca. 290 m3,- asphalt works ca. 75 m2,- paving works ca. 250 m2.surveying works:- measurement of platform edge, clearance profile, stairs, incl. axes.pollutant, disposal and demolition works.Disposal + ASN 170106*, 170603*; 170605*; 170903* with waste analysis, disposal ASN 170101; 170103; 170107; 170201; 170203; 170302; 170405; 170407; 170411; 170504; 170604; 170904 with waste analysis, deconstruction of insulating materials containing KMF approx. 40 m3,- Removal of asbestos-containing fillers of various sizes approx. 20 m2,- Removal of asbestos-containing mastic asphalt approx. 60 m2,- Removal of asbestos-containing waterproofing approx. 10 m2,- Demolition of wall coverings/slabsorbents plaster, metal and wood approx. 1 200 m2,- Demolition of Rabitz and drywall ceilings approx. 175 m2,- demolition of door elements metal/wood 60 pieces,- demolition of wooden constructions webs/bridges 15 t,- demolition of masonry walls 275 m2,- demolition of dry construction walls/ wall claddings approx. 1 190 m2,- demolition of wall and floor coverings made of tiles+ linoleum approx. 420 m2,- demolition of screed including coating approx. 1 370 m2,- demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete approx. 75 m3,- demolition of steel components (beams, claddings, gratings etc.) approx. 10 t,- demolition of waterproofing approx. 1.5 t,- core drill holes MW and concrete approx. 180 pcs,- construction of openings MW and concrete approx. 120 pcs,- demolition of bituminous fixing approx. 75 m2.trench lining:- Berliner Verbau Stra├čenland approx. 100 m2.trench lining:- masonry walls approx. 2 000 m2.concrete and reinforced concrete:- reinforced concrete walls approx. 30 m3,- reinforced concrete ceilings approx. 65 m3.Natural stone works:- Floor covering approx. 155 m2.Steel construction works:- Interceptor constructions, profile steel approx. 15 t,- Bridge and stairway constructions 12 t.Waterproofing works against water:- Bitumen waterproofing of road surfaces approx. 25 m2,- Waterproofing of plastics approx. 3 200 m2.plastering:- wall plaster approx. 5 200 m2,- ceiling plaster approx. 600 m2,- reinforced wall gauge plaster 2540 m2.tile work:- wall tiles approx. 2650 m2,- floor tiles approx. 2500 m2,- grooved and knobbed coverings approx. 230 m2.screed:- bonded screed approx. 1600 m2,- screed on separating layer approx. 2 800 m2.joinery work:- WC partitions approx. 34 m.metal construction and locksmith's work:- expansion joint profiles wall/floor approx. 360 m,- grating cover approx. 140 m2,- stainless steel covers approx. 35 m,- stainless steel claddings approx. 25 m2,- Stainless steel handrails approx. 50 m,- Metal suspended ceilings approx. 290 m2,- Fire door elements approx. 80 pieces,- Other locksmith work such as inspection flaps, ladders, hatches, balustrades etc. approx. 5 t,- Metal fence systems approx. 165 m2,- Steel door elements approx. 40 pieces,- metal-glass elements with electric door systems approx. 280 m2,- sliding gate system 20 m2.glazing work.n:- BB room pulpit approx. 10 m2.painting and varnishing work.n:- wall and ceiling painting approx. 9 400 m2,- floor painting approx. 945 m2,- painting overhaul steel parts inventory approx. 100 m2,- Painting of fire protection door elements approx. 150 pieces,- Revision of existing ceiling elements D=3 m approx. 110 pieces.Cleaning of buildings:- Machined surfaces and areas.Corrosion protection:- Upgrading of paintings of existing steel structures approx. 40 m2.floor covering work:- linoleum approx. 325 m2.dry construction work:- walls + facing shells approx. 690 m2,- lightweight ceilings and beam claddings approx. 780 m2,- mineral wool grid ceilings approx. 450 m2,- fire protection claddings steel construction approx. 180 m2,- building expansion joint covering approx. 180 m.Concrete maintenance work:- Check concrete surfaces approx. 30 000 m2,- Blasting work approx. 2 000 m2,- Treatment of local single damaged areas approx. 2560 pieces,- Treatment of flat damaged areas approx. 30 m2,- Sprayed concrete application/concrete additions approx. 2 080 m2,- Close ceiling openings 40 pieces,- Crack injection/ impregnation 1 560 m.Scaffolding:- Working platforms approx. 26 pieces,- Work area scaffolding approx. 750 m3,- Protective cover approx. 600 m2,- Dust walls approx. 280 m2,- Construction fence systems approx. 350 m,- track protection approx. 1 100 m2,- protective conductor rails approx. 230 m,- screed covering escape route approx. 160 m.road construction:- paving work with substructure approx. 250 m2,- asphalt work with substructure approx. 75 m2,- traffic control road space/transfer gas pipe 1 pc.

Opportunity closing date
11 November 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, Bereich Einkauf/ Materialwirtschaft (VEM) Holzmarktstra├če 15-17 Berlin 10179 Germany

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