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Opportunity closing date
14 January 2019
Opportunity publication date
15 December 2018
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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Manufacture and delivery of 12 approved tram vehicles ready for passenger operation for use in the tram network of Verkehrs-AG Nürnberg. The tender comprises 12 tram vehicles and, as an option, up to 75 additional vehicles (vehicle option 1: 10 units, vehicle option 2: 4 units, vehicle option 3: 13 units, vehicle option 4: 8 units, vehicle option 5: 14 units, vehicle option 6: 26 units). The vehicles must comply with at least the following vehicle-specific parameters: - Vehicle type: bogie vehicle; equipment wagon with a high low-floor component (more than 70 %) as a multi-part articulated vehicle with a minimum number of joints; pure, so-called multi-articulated vehicles are not suitable for the route network and are not permitted, - Track gauge: 1 435 mm, - Vehicle width: 2 300 mm, - Vehicle height: the lowest contact wire height of 3 800 mm above SO must be safe to drive on, - Vehicle length: maximum 37 m, - Floor height above SO: ≤ 360 mm, - Floor height at entrances above SO: 300 mm, - Maximum wheel load at maximum load: 65 kN, The load train is decisive depending on the bogie centre distance - Maximum speed: 70 km/h, - Number of double-wing passenger compartment doors: At least 5, optionally up to 8, - All passenger doors must be located in the low-floor area, - All-steel car bodies, glued vehicle roofs are not permitted, - The clearance behaviour must be such that unrestricted use on the existing line network of the AG with all existing vehicles is basically ensured and proven without any adjustments, - The use of the vehicle must be possible without any restrictions on all existing track layouts (proof of safety against derailment), - Nominal voltages: DC 600V (can be changed to DC 750V with little effort), - Smallest track curve radius: 18 m, - Largest gradient: 7.63 % to 200 m, - Optional double traction with 2 vehicles is to be offered, - Optional energy storage is to be offered as brake energy storage system and/or for overhead line free driving. The detailed requirements can be found in the specifications. In addition to the delivery of the vehicles, the contractor will also be responsible for other supporting services: the delivery of initial equipment for spare parts, the delivery of complete German-language technical documentation relevant for approval, the instruction on all delivery items and the necessary training, the delivery of all necessary aids, evaluation/diagnostic software and special tools for testing, maintenance, repair and for the ongoing operation of the vehicles, subsystems and components, the establishment of an obsolescence management system to ensure the long-term supply of spare parts and high availability of the vehicles. In order to ensure proper and economic operation, new tramway vehicles must be compatible with existing vehicles and with the service and maintenance facilities installed for them, as well as with the existing tramway network and the new network to be built. The existing vehicles are the GT6N and GT8N short articulated railcars and the GTV6 multi-articulated vehicle. Should adjustments or changes to the existing workshop infrastructure and service and maintenance facilities of the customer be necessary due to the type of vehicles offered, the adjustments or changes must be planned in agreement with the customer. Expenses and costs of any adjustments or changes shall be borne in full by the Contractor.

Opportunity closing date
14 January 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Südliche Fürther Str. 5 Nürnberg 90429 Germany

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