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Opportunity closing date
16 September 2025
Opportunity publication date
21 September 2020
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Value of contract
to be confirmed
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SBB regularly needs to hire project staff. This as a temporary addition to the permanent staffing for projects. These are usually demarcated assignments for which there is specific funding. To meet this need, SBB has chosen to set up a DAS and invites interested parties (both companies and self-employed persons) to register and apply within this DAS.
SBB's aim with the DPS is to be able to place and award contracts to providers of project staff in a simple and flexible manner. The personnel to be placed will be managed by SBB employees for the result to be achieved. Sometimes staff will be needed to make the project assignment clearer. This involves a political administrative process to arrive at a supported and financed plan. Sometimes it involves project management to implement a well-defined project plan. There is also a regular need for project staff with a specific focus on e.g. management and supervision, application for permits, environmental management or final responsibility towards the grantor. The requested profiles vary from experienced WO trained project leaders to practical and supportive HBO or MBO trained project staff.

Opportunity closing date
16 September 2025
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Staatsbosbeheer Smallepad 5 Amersfoort 3811 MG Netherlands

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