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Opportunity closing date
25 May 2025
Opportunity publication date
28 April 2021
79620000: Su
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The West-Betuwe business organization is going to make use of a Dynamic Acquisition System (DAS) (website). By setting up a DAS, the operating organization and its partners aim to meet the need for temporary hiring of external staff. The DPS will be used to hire external staff on the basis of a best-efforts obligation (and therefore not on the basis of consultancy or results-based assignments). The DPS has been set up according to the following categories: - Administrative Area, - Social Area, - Public Order and Safety, - Support, - Business Area, - Spatial Area, - Other. For a more detailed description of the DPS and the application procedure, please refer to the selection guideline.
The DPS will be used to hire external staff on the basis of a best-efforts obligation. Framework agreements have been concluded for the hiring and payrolling of external staff up to and including scale 8. The DAS will only be used for this external hiring if the hiring requirement cannot be met via these framework agreements. The existing framework agreements with preferred suppliers at the time of this publication are: - temporary employment/payroll up to scale 8; - the hotel and catering industry. The number of preferred suppliers and framework agreements with hiring components may be expanded at a later date.

Opportunity closing date
25 May 2025
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Bedrijfsvoeringsorganisatie West Betuwe Ridderstraat 250 Culemborg 4101 BK Netherlands

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