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Opportunity closing date
13 February 2026
Opportunity publication date
16 February 2022
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The objective of this Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is to approve suppliers for the contracting over the next 4 years of the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the necessary equipment for the expansion of the storage cabins of the Pamplona City Council, which will allow absorbing the known vegetative and non-vegetative growth of the municipal environment.
Over the next 4 years it is planned to expand the Pamplona City Council storage cabins to provide cabins that should be able to contain all the data currently contained in the 3PAR cabins installed in the Pamplona City Council infrastructures with a gross value of 222TiB.The objective of this SDC is to bring forward as far as possible the procedures to which the Public Contracts Law of Navarra obliges ANIMSA, complying with the principles of concurrence, publicity, equality and objectivity, leaving for the moment in which the purchase needs arise the realization of a minor administrative procedure. In this way, the process is made as agile as possible and a better contracting is guaranteed, establishing in a transparent way the conditions to be fulfilled by the chosen suppliers and reflecting in the SDC the market reality of this type of products, whose technological evolution is constant.

Opportunity closing date
13 February 2026
Value of contract

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ASOCIACIÓN NAVARRA DE INFORMÁTICA MUNICIPAL S.A. (ANIMSA) Avda del Ejercito, nº 2, planta 8º Pamplona 31002 Spain

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