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Opportunity closing date
25 September 2020
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31 July 2020
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Management, storage and distribution of chemicals from CEA Grenoble in Grenoble and Bourget-du-Lac (INES).

Chemical products:

The chemicals used in the context of CEA Grenoble's activities are of different types like acids, bases, solvents, resins and exist in different phases (liquid or solid).

They are diverse and involve all classifications: corrosive, harmful or irritant, toxic, flammable, oxidizing.

They are packaged in different containers:

- ampoules of a few ml;
- bottles (or berlingots) of a few ml to 20 l
- drums or cans of 25 l to 1000 l
- bubblers (liquid sources)
- solid products in bags of 1 to 25 kg (or even more)

The services concern all the facilities and laboratories using chemicals located on the CEA Grenoble site and in Bourget-du-Lac.

There are three areas of intervention:

- P1 (conventional laboratories on the CEA Grenoble site) where chemicals are used on an ad hoc basis
- P2 (all facilities where chemicals are used continuously)
- P3 (Bourget du Lac installations - INES).

The services payable by the holder are broken down into several categories, namely:

- the "Allochimie" telephone reception (the holder must collect, by means of a single telephone number and an e-mail address, all the questions on chemistry aspects, for all CEA Grenoble users. the incumbent is on duty every working day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.);
- the provision of a stock point (the transport and storage of products must comply with the legislation in force. These products can be of industrial quality for certain uses, and of very high quality for micro- electronic: ULSI, VLSI classification)
- supply flow management (efficiently manage emergency supply requests, at the request of users, and after validation by a technical correspondent for the contract)
- receipt of the products at its storage location (stock point)
- delivery of products to units (chemical product delivery / handling operations from its stock point to the various CEA Grenoble installations, verification of the compliance of storage conditions on CEA Grenoble sites)

- management of supply areas
- inventory management (product listing, order traceability, supplier interfaces, monitoring of the risk of rupture and alerts, inventory)
- return management (recovery of empty containers, selective sorting and storage, evacuation of products for destruction, recovery of products to be evacuated or repackaged)
- the “methods” function (should make it possible to organise work on site, define and set up management tools, and optimise and organise information flows)
- administrative management (pre-fill all administrative documents relating to the management of chemicals)
- reporting (consumption monitoring, activity monitoring)
- quality monitoring of the service with proposals for continuous improvement and cost optimisation

Indicative activity volume:

- number of references managed: around 400 to 450
- number of suppliers of chemicals to the CEA: around 30
- number of orders: around 17,000 to 23,000 / year
- number of movements in output units: around 20,000 / year
- number of destruction requests: around 200 / year
- number of "Allochimie" calls / emails: around 900 / year

Opportunity closing date
25 September 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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CEA/Grenoble 17 rue des Martyrs Grenoble Cedex 9 38054 France

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