Poland - Solar photoelectric modules

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Opportunity closing date
02 August 2021
Opportunity publication date
30 June 2021
9331200: Sol
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to be confirmed
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The subject matter of the contract is a comprehensive implementation in the "design and build" formula of the task consisting of the supply and installation of photovoltaic installations for the needs of 28 public utility facilities in the municipality of Osiecznica, according to the description contained in the functional-utility program, which constitutes an annex to the SWZ.
The subject matter of the contract is the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a photovoltaic installation and the performance of necessary construction works on 28 public utility facilities in accordance with the functional-utility program (PFU), and includes in particular: a) the performance of necessary expert opinions - before proceeding to the execution of the task, the contractor will verify the initial data for the design presented by the contracting authority; b) agreement of the preliminary concept of the project of the subject matter of the contract with the contracting authority, which is a condition that allows the commencement of design works and task implementation. The concept should include, among other things, a detailed definition of the place where the equipment will be made and how it will be assembled;c) preparation of design documentation that is complete from the point of view of the purpose for which it is to serve and in accordance with applicable regulations and standards, on the basis of which a full range of construction works necessary for the use of the facility in accordance with its intended purpose will be executed, as well as a cost estimate. The installation should be designed in such a way as to enable maximum power output per year and long-term, safe and failure-free operation; d) in accordance with the regulations, obtaining all required arrangements, permits, notifications, etc., including the obligation to agree on the design documentation, as well as the obligation to provide the contractor with the necessary documentation, d) according to regulations, obtaining all required arrangements, permits, notifications, etc., including the obligation to agree the design documentation for the photovoltaic installation with a fire protection expert in terms of compliance with fire protection requirements and notification of the State Fire Service authorities in accordance with art. 56 par. 1a of the Construction Law after completion of the above installation, along with obtaining a positive opinion and compliance of the construction of the building with the documentation, or not objecting or commenting within 14 days from the date of receiving the notice;e) delivery and installation of a photovoltaic installation based on design documentation, prepared on the basis of the guidelines contained in the PFU, approved by the contracting authority;f) performing other additional works and elements of the installation, which were not specified, but are necessary for the proper functioning and stable operation of the installation and the required maintenance works, as well as for the guarantee of the efficient and failure-free operation;g) performing a start-up of the installation;h) inspections, tests, start-up and adjustment of the installation;i) reporting the installation connection to the proper power plant, including the completion of the application form (application for the connection of the micro-installation to the power network) and delivery of the application to the power plant. Start-up of the installation by the contractor is to take place after the replacement of the electricity meter for a bidirectional one;j) training of the users on the principles of the proper operation of the completed installation together with a training protocol and the preparation and handing over of the installation operation manual;k) enabling the reading of the measurements of the produced energy and saved CO2 emission in individual photovoltaic panels and in total in the devices indicated by the orderer;l) preparation and delivery of the as-built documentation of the complete installation;m) service of the completed installation during the warranty period and warranty inspections.

Opportunity closing date
02 August 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Gmina Osiecznica ul. LubaƄska 43 Osiecznica 59-724 Poland

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