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Opportunity closing date
06 December 2021
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08 November 2021
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to be confirmed
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With the help of an app-based virtual incentive system, the physical real-life experiments on healthier and more sustainable travel are to be supported. Mobility data obtained by the system will be analysed as part of the accompanying research.
General:The project described in the following is a joint tender procedure of the Ruhrbahn GmbH and the city of Essen, represented by the Green Capital Agency (GHA). The content of the tender is part of different funding programmes - accordingly, different starting points with regard to the settlement modalities have to be taken into account.The Ruhrbahn GmbH is in charge of the tender. The Ruhrbahn GmbH will award a contract after completion of the tender procedure. Individual parts of the services are to be invoiced by the Contractor directly to the Ruhrbahn GmbH, other parts of the services are to be invoiced directly to the GHA (City of Essen) (different invoice recipients). The respective service parts/service components are marked accordingly in the bill of quantities. In the course of the environmental policy discourse, a decisive role is attributed to the transport sector due to its high energy consumption. In view of the comparatively high proportion of motorised individual transport, the cities of Essen and Mülheim are also faced with the major challenge of changing the mobility behaviour of the population in the long term. The key to this lies, among other things, in the creation of an efficient and sustainable public transport system, which, due to its system advantages, can make a significant contribution to relieving the environment and reducing climate-relevant emissions.Ruhrbahn GmbH is planning to introduce an app-based bonus program for smartphones as part of a funding application from the BMVI's "Digitalization of Municipal Transport Systems" funding program for the further development of the ZÄPP mobility assistant. With its help, citizens are to be given incentives to make more journeys by bike, on foot and by public transport. The focus here is on rewarding environmentally friendly mobility behaviour with bonus points. The city of Essen, represented by the Green Capital Agency, has been successfully participating in the "MobilityWorkCity 2025" funding programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research since 1 January 2020. With "Be-MoVe - Participation-based transformation of active mobility for health-promoting urban and transport infrastructures" (in short: Be-MoVe), the GHA has reached the second of a total of three phases, which will run from 01.07.2021 to 30.06.2024. The research project Be-MoVe combines basic, application-oriented and transformative research and integrates methods from the fields of transport and mobility as well as urban health. The core element is the development of large-scale, physical and virtual real laboratories in which urban changes and future mobility offers are simulated in order to develop the vision of a less car-centric mobility culture together with the population and civil society groups. Within the framework of real laboratories, citizens are given the opportunity to actively shape the participation process and the transformation process towards sustainable mobility of the future. The existing infrastructure and services in Essen need to be adapted, because people's behaviour depends significantly on the design of the space. With the help of an app-based virtual incentive system, the physical real experiments towards a healthier and more sustainable way of getting around should be supported. Mobility data obtained by the system will be evaluated as part of the accompanying research.Description of the project:The core of the bonus program will be the evaluation and final scoring of environmentally friendly mobility behavior. For this purpose, the personal mobility of the user is to be recorded, analysed and evaluated. The bonus programme should therefore be based on a mechanism that corresponds to a digital mobility diary. Here, within the boundaries of the service area of the Ruhrbahn GmbH, it is to be recorded how the users move around. Based on the recorded routes and modes of transport, bonus points will be awarded, which the participant can redeem for rewards and vouchers. The points are to be awarded on the basis of the kilometres travelled and the means of transport or mode of travel, whereby these are to be combined into different groups and weighted. The Ruhrbahn GmbH and GHA would like to procure a white label app for this purpose. This is initially to be tested as part of a test phase and then prepared for nationwide implementation. This overall objective is to be implemented by the beginning of 2022.The white label app should essentially include the following functions:- Recording of mobility behaviour based on the location and movement data of the smartphone- Automatic allocation of the journeys made to a specific means of transport/modality- Awarding of bonus points based on the journeys made and modality- Bonus points can be converted and redeemed in the app into vouchers from the cooperation partners- In the app, the bonus and voucher offers of the cooperation partners must be presented in the form of a virtual marketplace- Calculation of emission savings as behavioural feedback- Gamification elements, such as rankings and challenges, should be included in the app.Gamification elements, such as ranking lists and challenges, should be available- Provision of mobility data for further analysis, adjusted for personal data

Opportunity closing date
06 December 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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