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12 June 2023
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15 May 2023
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Technical planning according to HOAI part 4, section 2, § 55 technical equipment, annexes 1,4,5 and 8, LPH 5 - 9 as well as annexes 2, LPH 2,3 and 5 - 9
On the property of the German Federal Armed Forces in Todendorf / Panker the heat supply, the heat supply network (WVN or local heat network), the heat supply transfer stations incl. hot water preparation in the buildings as well as the building automation (GA) are to be rehabilitated. In addition, the building construction will also be renovated in parallel due to fire protection and building age. The central heat supply system (CSS) and the heating plant are located in Building 51. The existing local heating network is divided into a southeastern section and a northwestern section for supplying heat to the buildings on the property. The southeastern section is much older than the northeastern section in terms of construction age. Parallel to the southeastern branch, there is a hot water pipe and a circulation pipe of the central water heating system in the concrete hood duct. Parallel to the northwestern local heating network, a domestic hot water network is no longer in operation. The local heating network is buried and already built in plastic jacket pipe construction. The priorities of the rehabilitation are therefore strategically based on the age of the building or the wear and tear of the system technology, the drinking water hygiene as well as on the coordinated sequence between the parties involved in the construction: Prio 1: Decommissioning of the hygienically problematic and obsolete central drinking water network of the property. The central drinking water network exists only parallel to the southeastern branch of the local heating network. As a prerequisite for decommissioning, the buildings that have not yet been converted to centralized domestic hot water preparation or their heat supply substations must be renovated. Prio 2 Decommissioning of the southeastern local heating network due to its older construction (compared to the northwestern network). The new section of the heat supply network to be built must be newly constructed and in operation for the southeastern part of the property. For this purpose, all other heat supply substations in the southeastern part of the property can be rehabilitated and put into operation in parallel. Prio 3: Decommissioning of the northwestern existing local heating network and reconstruction of the heat supply substations not yet reconstructed in the existing network. As a prerequisite, the heat supply substations to be rehabilitated in the northwestern part of the property must be rehabilitated and the northwestern substation of the new local heating network to be constructed must be rehabilitated and in operation. Prio 4: The rehabilitation of the heating plant's system technology is to be planned only after completion of the complete local heating network and all substations to be rehabilitated, as determined by the technical supervisory level and the Federal Armed Forces, among other things, due to the volatile changes resulting from legislation and possible technological changes. The right is reserved to dynamically adjust the heat supply. Further procedure-related award documents are posted on the e-tendering platform for the procedure at

Opportunity closing date
12 June 2023
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