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30 March 2023
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28 February 2023
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Planning services according to HOAI 2021, part 3 - object planning, section 4 - traffic facilitiesThe municipality of Neuschönau plans, in cooperation with the government of Lower Bavaria, to develop the town center urban.For this purpose, a preliminary study was commissioned in 2022, on the basis of which the municipal council has initiated the further planning steps.The planning area is located in the center of the village of Neuschönau and is bordered by the Kaiserstraße, the Hangwerg, the town hall, the cemetery and the Bäckerweg. The planning area of BA 1 has a total area of approx. 3,400.00 m². The subject of the negotiation procedure are planning services according to HOAI Part 3 Object Planning Section 4 Traffic Facilities.
1. urban planning situation: 1.1 Location in the villageThe planning area is located in the center of the village Neuschö is bordered by the Kaiserstraße, the Hangweg, the town hall, the cemetery and the Bäckerweg.the planning area size of the BA 1 amounts to a total of approx. 3,400.00 m². 1.2 Current stateThe immediate center of the village is the area around the church of St. Anna, the cemetery directly adjacent to the north, the town hall with the new civic hall and information center with barrier-free access, the Edeka grocery store, the savings bank building, a free gas station and the Euler inn.The center of the village lacks clear structuring, orderly parking, quality design and recreational opportunities.In addition, there are no areas for community-social events.The village center can only be designed barrier-free to a limited extent due to its topographical slope with a gradient of approx. 8 to 11%.The highly frequented through road "Kaiserstraße" (district road) to the Lusen National Park Center crosses the village square with little potential for attractiveness.An adjacent, vacant 2-story parsonage limits the enclosure of the village square to the east and, together with the town hall, church, bakery and former inn, provides a cohesive ensemble. 1.3 Situation in terms of planning lawIn the context of the urban redevelopment, it is not intended to draw up a development plan.In the event of implementation, this will be commissioned against. 1.4 Traffic situationThe main traffic axis of Neuschönau is the district road FRG 5 approaching from Grafenau.It is the main access road to the facilities of the Lusen National Park Center (Hans Eisemann House with animal enclosure, tree top walk) and therefore characterized by a high volume of day visitors, especially at weekends.In the village it is called "Kaiserstraße" and continuing in the direction of the Lusen National Park Center and to Freyung it is called "Böhmstraße". The through road takes the main traffic that is directed from the south to the Lusen National Park Center and further to Freyung or back in the direction of Grafenau.This through traffic runs through the center of the village without any possibility of relief and brings a number of traffic-related problems with it, including the noise and emission level. Not to be underestimated is the not always speed-adapted, noise-producing and acceleration-friendly driving behavior of road users, which can be observed quite often.The traffic coming and going north from the cemetery and the town hall is accessed via Hangstraße between Rathaus- and Kirchenprotal in the direction of Kaiserstraße. There is the possibility and the intention to divert this traffic via the connecting road north between the church and the cemetery in one lane. 2. occasion, purpose and goal of the planning 2.1 occasion of the planning2015 was created in the context of an integrated urban development concept ISEK and with the continuation in 2021 an overall concept for the development of the municipality of Neuschönau.In the concept, deficits, problem areas and opportunities for profile building were identified and solutions proposed.Some points have already been implemented.These include, among other things, the barrier-free conversion of the town hall into a cultural and civic center with its direct environment and the new construction of the civic hall in 2019.As a next step, the directly adjacent area in front of the town hall and the church environment should be redeveloped with this. 2.2 Aim and purpose of the planningThe deficits in the town center defined in the integrated urban development concept ISEK are to be remedied in two construction phases.In the municipality of Neuschönau, considerable external development has taken place around a comparatively young town center in the course of the last 50 years.In order to prevent further urban sprawl, the already existing trend towards high-quality internal development should now be reinforced. The quality of the inner center should be upgraded in the following points:- revitalization of the residential function in the center of the village- preservation and strengthening of the local supply offer- clearing up or preventing already existing or expected vacancies- an attractive, urbanistic redesign- a touristic upgrading in the structural and thematic sense- creating a place and a locality in the center of the village, which is a central event location or gathering place for community activities and events. a central meeting place for community activities and social gatherings with a multi-purpose character and at the same time does not hinder through traffic- a traffic calming in the Kaiserstraße- elimination of deficits in accessibility as far as possible- provide missing parking spaces, which have been eliminated by the new construction of the citizens' hall.

Opportunity closing date
30 March 2023
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