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Opportunity closing date
08 December 2022
Opportunity publication date
11 November 2022
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to be confirmed
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Fraport AG, as the operator of Frankfurt Airport, would like to replace the existing ID card management system (AVS) with its large number of interfaces to partner systems in order to digitize the processes related to ID card creation and management with a more modern system. The system must be in operation 24/7/365 in order to guarantee airport operations in connection with security-related conditions. The main task is to process and manage ID cards, to ensure legal requirements in access management, to maintain access management at the airport, and to produce and issue airport ID cards.Acceptance of the system is planned in Q2/Q3 2025.During the award procedure, a mandatory review of, among other things, the most important mandatory requirements of the AVS will take place as part of a demo session.Further details under II.2.4Start of implementation: 01.04.2023End of implementation: 31.12.2035.
On the one hand, the new system must fulfill the processes outlined in the performance specification, but it must also serve as an essential control unit and data source for other systems. At the same time, the future AVS will have to draw several pieces of information from other inventory systems in order to be able to map the processes (e.g., personnel data from SAP). The system must map the following processes:- Creation of airport ID cards with various layouts as well as ID card printing (including encoding of the Legic chip) from the system in connection with connected devices and/or from external service providers- Maintenance and management of master data records (persons, vehicles, companies) by Fraport in the AVS- Lead management and allocation of access authorizations in interaction with connected CC systems- Management and checking of prerequisites for access authorizations- Reporting and evaluation options- Customer management (e.g., automated notifications in the case of certain system actions)- Customer management (e.g., automated notifications in the case of certain system actions) Complete digitization of workflows relating to credential-related topics (e.g., application for credentials, authorizations, and products such as training) by external and internal customers- Increased transparency and self-service by customers, who can view and evaluate status displays, expiration dates, and other important information, and maintain their data independentlyThe system must be continuously developed and updated based on legal requirements and changes. At the same time, it should allow a high degree of configurability - by Fraport itself - in order to respond flexibly to process changes.The goals of the project are the successful migration to a powerful and modern ID card management system and the smooth replacement of the current AVS, as well as the introduction of digital applications and workflows and a self-service portal for external customers. The system must also meet the following additional standard requirements:- Compliance with data protection requirements- Legally and audit-proof master data and ID card management and traceability of processes- Implementation of legal requirements of the Aviation Security Act, the Aviation Security Reliability Verification Ordinance, the DVO (EU) 2015/1998, the DSGVO, and the BDSG- Intuitive input and menu navigation- High degree of configurability and parameterizability of business-based process logics by Fraport itself (including the customization of workflows or validity checks). The provider undertakes to sign a confidentiality agreement with Fraport before being invited to submit a bid.

Opportunity closing date
08 December 2022
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Fraport AG Gebäude 149, Raum 5145 Frankfurt 60547 Germany

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