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Opportunity closing date
14 February 2020
Opportunity publication date
20 December 2019
39162000: Educational equipment
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The subject of the order is the design, manufacture, delivery, assembly and launch of the interactive permanent exhibition of the Professor Jerzy Stelmach Marine Science Centre in Szczecin (MCN). The permanent exhibition of the MCN consists of: a) 213 interactive stands (exhibits) of various character and manner of interaction (including mechanical, robotic, multimedia, water). Among the exhibits 211 are to be designed and manufactured by the Contractor, and 2 (original objects) will be delivered by the Contracting Authority. A detailed description of the positions is given later in this document; b) multimedia content (presentations, applications and others) accompanying the exhibits and presented independently, in isolation from the exhibits. In the case of a part of multimedia content (films, sound recordings), in particular concerning persons and events related to Szczecin and Western Pomerania, the Contractor shall receive recommendations from the Contracting Authority and assistance from the Contracting Authority in obtaining them; c) scenery (original, authentic and stylized elements of ship's equipment, tools and instruments related to shipping and various works at sea, walls, prints on fabrics, photos and graphics, large format prints, prints and stickers on the floor and walls and others). Some of the original objects included in the scenery are provided by the Contracting Authority - in such cases they are specified in the descriptions of the relevant exhibits; d) scenographic and workplace lighting (building the mood, serving to conduct the experiment or illuminating the place where the experiment is conducted) and exhibition sound system (in selected places); e) exhibition announcements in Polish and English (instruction manuals and explanations - educational comments);(f) visual information system (names of departments, groups, exhibits, indicators of the direction and distribution of the exposure, exhibition plans and others); (g) water filtering and water treatment system for waterborne exhibits; (h) exhibition management system, consisting of the necessary hardware and software, allowing for switching on and off the exhibits and collecting and presenting data on the condition of the exhibits and their eventual condition. Detailed description of the subject of the contract is attached to the ToR.

Opportunity closing date
14 February 2020
Value of contract

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Morskie Centrum Nauki im. prof. Jerzego Stelmacha w Szczecinie ul. T. Wendy 10 Szczecin 71-655 Poland

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