Poland - Repair, maintenance and associated services related to roads and other equipment

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Opportunity closing date
15 January 2020
Opportunity publication date
13 December 2019
50230000: Repair, maintenance and associated services related to roads and other equipment
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to be confirmed
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c) disassembly of damaged, damaged or unnecessary signs,d) installation of boards and other devices for city information.2. Maintenance of horizontal signs including: a) painting of segregation and continuous edge lines, b) painting of segregation and discontinuous edge lines, c) painting of lines at pedestrian crossings, d) painting of arrows and other symbols, e) painting of excluded areas.3.Maintenance of road traffic safety equipment including the installation of new elements: a) devices securing pedestrians and cyclists: - railings and handrails, - barrier barriers, - segment or chain fencing, - blocking posts, b) elastic barriers, - installation of drop thresholds, - installation of release thresholds, - slatted, - plate, - island.c) spot reflective elements - "cat's eye", d) islets and pedestrian asylums, e) thermoplastic horizontal signs, f) road protective barriers: - extreme, - dividing, - protective, g) road mirrors, h) anti-glare shields, i) signs indicating road picketing, j) steering boards, k) obstacle posts, l) construction of devices improving road traffic safety.4Maintenance of road traffic safety equipment used in works carried out in the road lane, including: a) installation of road barriers, b) installation of steering boards, c) installation of tilting boards with reflective elements, d) installation of traffic separators, e) installation of equipment affecting the improvement of road traffic safety.5Moreover, the Contractor shall be obliged to: a) clean the vertical signs, traffic safety devices and acoustic screens as required, but not less than twice a year, b) run the warehouse of disassembled road signs and traffic safety devices. For all disassembled elements a commission shall be appointed by the Contracting Authority, consisting of 2 persons on the Contracting Authority's side and 1 person on the Contractor's side, which shall qualify these devices for reassembly. c) Disassembly of disassembled road signs (after qualification by the Contracting Authority) and settlements with the Contracting Authority for income earned therefrom in accordance with Service Order No. WAP.II-0158-B-15/08 of the Mayor of the City of Dąbrowa Górnicza of 30.05.2008 concerning the recovery of road construction elements in the aspect of their use for the purposes of social acts and for the implementation of certain investments, included in Annex No. 10 to the ToR.IV. The order must be fulfilled in accordance with: 1. the Act of 20 June 1999 on Road Traffic Law (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1990, as amended)2. The Act of 21 March 1985 on Public Roads (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2018, item 2068 as amended)3. Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 23 September 2003 on detailed conditions for traffic management on roads and the performance of supervision over this regulation (Journal of Laws of 2003, No. 177, item 1729, as amended)4. Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 3 July 2003 on detailed technical conditions for road signs and signals and road traffic safety devices and conditions for placing on the roads (Journal of Laws of 2003, No. 220, item 2181, as amended)5. The Act of 7 July 1994. Construction Law (i.e. Journal of Laws 2019, item 1187, as amended)V. Warranty and warranty: 1. For the subject of the contract, the Contractor shall provide a quality guarantee for the period consistent with the tender declaration, counting from the date of signing the protocol of acceptance of the subject of the order. 2. The Contractor shall provide a warranty for defects for the period consistent with the duration of the quality guarantee (C.D. DESCRIPTION IN SECTION VI.3. of the Announcement)

Opportunity closing date
15 January 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Gmina Dąbrowa Górnicza ul. Graniczna 21 Dąbrowa Górnicza 41-300 Poland

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