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20 September 2021
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11 August 2021
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The services shall include, in terms of type and scope, all measures required for safe, functional, economical and environmentally friendly operation of the property, the buildings and the technical systems and shall ensure the operator obligations by the Contractor (CO).The Contractor shall be obliged to operate and maintain all installations and systems covered by the contract in cost groups 300, 330, 340, 360 and 410-480 in accordance with economic, operational and ecological requirements, in compliance with the provisions applicable at the time, the official requirements and provisions, the requirements under public law, the recognised rules of technology applicable at the time, the manufacturer's specifications and taking into account the special features of the property and its use.The general regulations/standards and recognised rules of technology to be observed include: DGUV V4, VDI 2052, VDI 2035, VDI 6022, VDI 6023, TrinkwV 2001, TRBS 1201, TRBS 2181, TRBS 3121, BetrSichV( Betriebssicherheitsverordnung), 42nd BImschV Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung, technical inspection ordinance of the respective federal state.The required services are to be provided in accordance with DIN 31051 / EN 13306, DIN 32736, the guidelines of the Working Group for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of State and Municipal Administrations (AMEV) and VDMA 24186.All services of the Contractor are to be provided in principle as required at any time, i.e. 24 hours a day and 365/366 days a year. This applies in particular to the fault and emergency services as well as to the provision of additional services.--- Within the scope of the fault management, a fault service must be guaranteed 24 hours a day and 365/366 days a year. The continuous availability of the Contractor shall be ensured. The regular services shall be provided between 6:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. In addition, the Contractor may be required to work outside the above-mentioned regular working hours (e.g. technical support at events). The services shall include the orderly takeover of the facilities at the beginning of the service and the smooth handover at the end of the service. A CAFM system shall be used for the provision of the service which complies with the IT security requirements of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) on both the software and hardware side.----The Contractor undertakes to take on orders in excess of the scope of services agreed in the contract in return for payment (additional services / contract services). Only personnel who have undergone a simple security check in accordance with § 8 para. 1 SÜG (so-called Ü1) and an extended security check in accordance with § 9 para. 1 no. 3 SÜG (preventive personnel sabotage protection, so-called Ü2 Sab) prior to the commencement of the services shall be eligible for the performance of the services. The bidder must make further declarations in this regard, see Section III.1.3. If the security clearance is not yet available or is insufficient, it can be obtained after the contract has been awarded. The contractor does not incur any costs for the security clearance; the sample documents for the security clearance are enclosed with the tender documents for information purposes. In order to prevent gaps in personnel, a sufficient number of persons with the security level Ü1 and Ü2 Sabschutz shall always be kept available. The Contractor shall oblige its personnel to maintain strictest secrecy vis-à-vis all persons during and outside working hours about all events concerning the objects, the employees of the property, work processes, etc. which have become known in connection with the activities in the property. This obligation shall continue to exist after termination of the contract.
The service will be provided in the following stages:-Start-up phaseStage 1: begins with the award of the contract, at the latest on 01.04.2022Stage 2: begins on 01.05.2022-Regular operation: 01.06.2022 / 00:00 hrs until the end of the contract: 31.05.2026, 24:00 hrs (if necessary, extension until 31.05.2030, 24:00 hrs)-Contract expiry phase with object return or handover to the Client or, if applicable, to a new service provider at the end of the performance period----During the start-up phase, the Contractor shall be trained in all areas of responsibility/processes in coordination with the Client (Client).Stage 1: Introduction of personnel, examination of qualifications, application for further security checks if necessary, customer-specific adaptation of the Contractor's CAFM system, takeover of the master data of the property, clarification and coordination of basic processes, preparation of documentation and archive regulations, clarification of the type and scope of the security levels required for the inspection of security areas/rooms, development of reporting systemStage 2: Takeover of facilities and technical systems incl. function test and documentation, comparison of open security areas/rooms, development of reporting system. Functional testing and documentation, comparison of open defects and any existing maintenance status, takeover and administration of spare and wear parts, components, assemblies incl. Establishment of a CAFM warehouse management system, preparation of the Contractor-specific risk analyses, establishment of the documentation in accordance with the BImA documentation guideline, TGM - Conclusion of new maintenance and inspection contracts, preparation of risk assessments and subcontractor listsAt the end of the start-up phase, maintenance, inspection and repair planning, expert inspection planning, risk assessments of the Contractor, inventory lists, emergency folders, familiarisation concepts, monthly and annual reports and system reconciliation are to be handed over to the Client.--Personnel in the start-up phase:The Contractor shall provide sufficient personnel (start-up team) for the take-over of the property. The start-up team must include the intended OL. The Contractor shall appoint a project manager (PL) experienced in property takeovers as contact person for the Client for the start-up phase.----Regular operationPerformance of services of the technical building management:- Operation- Inspection- Qualification and expert examinations- DGUV regulation 4 - Services (stationary and mobile systems and equipment)- Provision of the responsible electrician- Maintenance- Repair- Optimisation- Fault management- If necessary, warranty monitoring- Reporting- Documentation Energy management- Shutdown management / shutdown maintenance- Disposal- Communication management- EDP- Use of a CAFM system- Maintenance management and on-call service- Facility manager services- Building services engineering services for the following facilities in the cost groups according to DIN 276:- 300 Technical facilities from the area of building construction- 330 Exterior walls (exterior doors and windows, sun protection)- 340 Interior walls (interior doors and windows)- 360 Roofs (skylights, roof openings, etc.)- 410 Sewage, water, sewage treatment systems, etc.410 Sewage, water and gas systems- 420 Heat supply systems- 430 Ventilation systems- 440 Power installations- 450 Telecommunications and information technology systems (excluding telecommunications and information technology systems, if applicable)- 460 Conveyor systems- 470 Usage-specific systems- 480 Building automation in accordance with the general regulations/standards and recognised rules of technology as described under II.1..4 --For this purpose, the Contractor shall use up-to-date CAFM software with the minimum functions of web-based access, planning, monitoring and documentation of all maintenance and inspection measures and all repair measures, recording and evaluation of technical and commercial data from the field of building management and maintenance as well as of consumption and meter data, documentation and monitoring of all manufacturer warranties and guarantees, transparency of resources used, avoidance of media discontinuities and duplication of work, integration of continuous and consistent data management, documentation capability, historisation and archiving. The Contractor shall grant the Client access to its CAFM software via authorisation roles. The CAFM system must be implemented in an operating environment certified in accordance with ISO 27001 on the basis of IT-Grundschutz or equivalent --The Contractor shall set up a central office available and functional at the time of taking over the property in the premises handed over. The CL shall provide these as well as district heating, water and electrical energy free of charge for the provision of the services.--All tools required for the provision of the services shall be provided by the CO. He shall manage and procure all small parts, consumables and wearing parts, consumables and wearing parts, materials and operating resources within the scope of maintenance.--The Federal Archives shall be equipped with a building management system. Remote access or remote control functions are not permitted.--With regard to response times, all legal requirements are binding in principle. In addition, the following reaction and fault rectification times are mandatory and must be ensured by the Contractor:- for lift systems, a maximum reaction time of 30 minutes in accordance with TRBS 3121- for safety-relevant systems (power supply, safety lighting, NEA, UPS, communication systems, etc.) and their auxiliary systems (cooling, ventilation, etc.), a maximum reaction time of 30 minutes- for faults occurring within the Contractor's agreed attendance time, the rectification of which falls under the term minor repair (< 1,000.00 € net/UVgO or 3.000,00 € net/VOB/A), the Contractor shall immediately start to rectify the fault - in the case of all faults occurring outside the Contractor's agreed attendance time and in the case of faults the rectification of which does not fall under the term "minor repair" (> 1,000,00 € net/UVgO or 3.In the event of imminent danger, the Contractor shall be entitled and obliged to initiate and carry out all necessary measures to minimise damage until agreement can be reached with the Client / the user.Personnel:- Deployment of a site manager (OL) or a deputy who is responsible for the coordination and performance of all contractual services, the overall supervision as well as for ensuring the quality and quantity of the service provisionRequirements:- At least graduate engineer (FH), bachelor, state-certified technician, master craftsman, (DQR/EQR, at least level 6) in the field of electrical engineering or supply engineering, building services engineering or comparable qualifications. At least 5 years of professional experience in technical facility management with comparable tasks and responsibilities- Very good written and spoken German (native language level) C1 according to CEFR- Helpful, polite and representative appearance in all situations- Distinct service-oriented attitude- Leadership quality- Knowledge of ISO certificates 9001 and 14000 and all relevant laws, standards and guidelines- comprehensive knowledge of occupational safety- very good knowledge of MSR/GLT technology- good knowledge of the relevant hardware and software- commercial knowledge and responsibility- willingness to undergo safety inspections in accordance with SÜGThe availability of the site manager must be guaranteed from 8.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. every working day:30 o'clock to 15:00 o'clock be ensured.--The Contractor shall employ 2 house technicians (HT) and at least one deputy of equivalent qualification. The regular daily working time for HT 1 shall be 8 hours, for HT 2 4 hours. The contractual services of the HT shall be performed on working days in the attendance period, staggered and overlapping, from 06:00 to 15:30, alternating weeks.1st week: early shift 06:00 - 14:30, late shift 11:00 - 15:302nd week: early shift 06:00 - 14:30, late shift 11:00 - 15:30 Week 2: Early shift 06:00 - 10:30 hrs, late shift 07:00 - 15:30 hrs---Requirements for domestic technicians 1 and 2 and substitutes:- Completion of at least 3 years of vocational training (DQR/EQR, at least level 4), with HT 1 in the field of electrical engineering or a comparable field (with switching authorisation for the technical systems described in the bill of quantities) and HT 2 in a related field (with switching authorisation for the technical systems described in the bill of quantities). At least 3 years of professional experience in a comparable position- Very good written and spoken German- Helpful, polite and representative manner in all situations- Service-oriented attitude- Knowledge of the ISO certificates 9001 and 14000- Good knowledge of MSR/GLT technology- Good knowledge of occupational safety- Authorized person for elevator systems in accordance with BetrS (BetrS) Lift installations acc. to BetrSichV, appendix 1, point 4.1 (lift attendant) with authorization for the release of persons resp. with the declaration to obtain this immediately- Switching authorisation for MV switchgear (only electrical engineers)- Person responsible for the system according to DIN VDE 0105-100 EN 50110-1 in relation to the tendered service- Person responsible for the work according to DIN VDE 0105-100 EN 50110-1 in relation to the tendered service- Specialist for hold-open systems- Readiness for safety inspection according to SÜGThe essential tasks and duties of OL and HT are specified in the performance specification.--Contract expiry phaseThe return comprises the equipment, technical systems or assemblies listed in the specifications and, if applicable, installed during the contract period, which must be handed over to the Client or the new service provider, if applicable, by means of a handover protocol.

Opportunity closing date
20 September 2021
Value of contract

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