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Opportunity closing date
15 April 2020
Opportunity publication date
12 March 2020
71541000: Construction project management services
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to be confirmed
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1. details of the construction projectThe Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin has been successively renovated and expanded since 1990. The functional efficiency of the medical service and the Bundeswehr hospital must be guaranteed at all times for military requirements. To this end, continuous capacity utilisation as "training on the job" is important. The hospital is therefore integrated into Berlin's civilian medical care as an acute and emergency hospital. Approximately half of the 350 beds are part of the current Berlin hospital plan for 2010, and construction phase II and two early construction phase III measures are currently being carried out on the grounds of the Bundeswehrkrankenhaus. For construction phase II, the following major construction measures (GBM), small construction measures (KBM) as well as construction maintenance measures (BU) are in planning or in construction:- KBM upgrading nurse call system buildings 1.1, 1.4 and 1.5;- KBM installation left heart catheter measuring station house 1.2;- KBM upgrading safety power supply;- KBM reconstruction dentist house 1.5 and house 9;- KBM upgrading of heat supply;- GBM new building house 34 pharmacy/central warehouse;- GBM renovation/new construction of outdoor facilities II north;- KBM fire protection renovation of media duct building;- BU construction maintenance measures in the entire property, construction volume approx. 1 million EUR/year.with construction phase III, the completion of the current renovation cycle should take place. This requires further refurbishment, conversions and new buildings. These must be completed in good time before the end of the remaining term of the existing building stock still to be renovated in order to ensure the continuous functionality of the hospital. The necessary construction measures are to be realised in construction phase III.Within the framework of the development planning for construction phase III, the space required for which structural changes (renovation/conversion/new construction) are necessary in the course of construction phase III was estimated at around 26,500 m2 NF.The following major building measures, small building measures and building maintenance measures are planned for construction phase III:- GBM new construction of day-care centre BwKrhs;- GBM new construction of interim OP;- GBM preliminary measures multifunctional building (deconstruction of building 2, new construction of interim building construction site D, technical centre);- GBM new construction of psychotrauma centre with accommodation building;- GBM new rescue centre with accommodation and multi-storey car park on construction site C GBM new multifunctional building;- GBM new accommodation building Boyenstraße;- GBM redevelopment/new construction of outdoor facilities III;- KBM government programme E-Mobility;- BU construction maintenance measures in the entire property, construction volume approx. 1 million EUR/year;-- Client/User: Federal Ministry of Defence;-- Building use: hospital;-- Type of construction measure: renovation/conversion/new construction;-- Areas:- approx. 11 700 m2 NF existing building (approx. 80 % renovation & conversion, approx. 20 % restructuring);- approx. 14 800 m2 NF new building (without parking spaces).-- Project costs (net) for KG 200-600 in accordance with DIN 276: (also the KG of the service areas to be put out to tender)Probably approx. 250 million EUR (gross);-- Project duration:Project duration of construction phase III to approx. 12/2036Object of the order;-- Service area: (e.g. object planning/TA with plant groups)Project control services-- Service profile: (LPH, special services)The scope of services of the project control services comprises the following two service parts:Part A: Superordinate project control of the construction phase II and III for the entire propertyPart B: Project control services of the stages 1-5 areas of action A-E in accordance with the AHO as well as services of a BIM manager for the construction measure new multi-functional building.-- Start/end of the service provision:10.2020 to approx. 12/2036A step-by-step award of the services is planned. However, there is no legal claim to the transfer of all services.

Opportunity closing date
15 April 2020
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Bundesrepublik Deutschland, vertreten durch das Bundesministerium für Verteidigung, vertreten durch das Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung Straße des 17. Juni 112 Berlin 10623 Germany

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