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Opportunity closing date
12 June 2019
Opportunity publication date
05 June 2019
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to be confirmed
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The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Office of Acquisitions, Contracts Management Branch Red, NINDS Section on behalf of the National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke intends to negotiate and award a contract for Marmoset Cages.
The Animal Health and Care Section (AHCS) at NINDS supports investigators who use animals in their research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of neurological disorders. As part of the AHCS services, it is necessary to acquire animal caging systems to replace and add to current inventories as it is needed. The rigorous cleaning procedures warrants the replacement of caging as it becomes worn though chemical and heat disinfection processes, and to add additional equipment as the programs increase. This acquisition is to replace and add racks to current inventories to ensure the continuity of animal care services at NINDS. Twelve racks, with two cages per rack, will be added to approximately 47 racks that will continue in use.
The racks and components under procurement are to be integrated into the facilities existing program and must be interchangeable with systems already present within the Building 49 Central Animal Facility, without the need for modification or additional training for animal care staff. The performance and functionality of these caging systems is critical to the protection of the animals and research supported by these systems and to the mission of the NINDS housing animals in the Building 49 Central Animal Facility on the NIH campus.
The intended procurement is classified under NAICS code 334516 - Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing with a Size Standard of 1000 employees.
The resultant contract will include all applicable provisions and clauses of the Federal acquisition Requlation (FAR) in effect through the Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2019-01, dated January 22, 2019.
This acquisition is conducted under the authority of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 13-Simplified Acquisition Procedures, Subpart 13.106-1 (b) (1), Soliciting from a single source.
The marmoset caging equipment (including pans and associated parts) is available from only one source, and competition is precluded for the reasons indicated below. There are no substitutes available.
This acquisition is restricted to Research Solutions, Inc. / DBA Lenderking Caging Products, 8370 Jumpers Hole Road, Millersville, MD 21108.
Only this suggested source can furnish the requirements, to the exclusion of other sources, because the equirment must be compatible in all aspects (form, fit, and function) with existing systems presently installed. The current equipment is Research Solutions/Lenderking, and the new equipment must coordinate, connect, and interface with the existing system already present within the Building 49 Central Animal Facility.
The cages being purchased will be used to house marmosets, which are a species of non-human primates native to Brazil. NINDS has a colony of these animals and they have been bred and used on studies on the Bethesda campus for over 20 years. NIMH also has a marmoset colony. Both colonies are housed in Bldg. 49.
Marmosets are delicate animals and changes in their housing and husbandry can be stressful. We have experienced significant peri-natal mortality as well as occasional sudden deaths in adult animals, many of which were found to be due to septicemia at necropsy. The bacteria cauising death in these animals have been part of the normal flora of the intestinal tract which somehow gained entry into the bloodstream and which the animals immune system was unable to fight off. Cortisone-family hormones are released in response to stress and have a depressive effect on the animals' immune systems.
Animals routinely have to be moved from dirty to clean cages. Marmosets scent-mark their cages, so some stress at cage change is unavoidable because the animals have to re-mark their clean cages. Placing animals in cages of different dimensions, materials, or design would create addional stress with potential negative effects on the animals' health and welfare. Therefore, the cages must be direct replacement components of the existing cage stock currently used in Bldg. 49. Additional cages are needed to permit expansion of the colony and also to replace cages that are approaching the end of their lifespan.
Twelve racks, with two cages per rack, will be added to approximately 47 racks that will continue in use. The cost to replace all existing equipment would far exceed the cost of replacing the twelve racks needed at this time. In order to maintain the continuity of research and to prevent any potential disruptions to current husbandry, a sole source acquisition is required.
Project Description
Project Title: Procurement of Marmoset Cages.
General Requirements
Independently and not as an agent of the Government, the Contractor shall furnish all the necessary services, qualified personnel, material, equipment, and facilities, not otherwise provided by the Government as needed to perform the Purchase Descritpion below:
Quantity: Twelve racks providing 24 cages are required. A total of 24 excreta pans are required.
Salient characteristics: The NINDS AHCS requires marmoset caging that meets the following specifications:
a) Cages must be at least 30" wide x 31" deep x 39" high.
b) Each cage must a hinged door on the front of each cage is 12" wide x 16" high, centered on the cage front and secured with two spring loaded latches.
c) Each cage must have front, ceiling and floors are constructed of 14 gauge, 1" x 1/2" welded wire mesh and reinforced with 1/4" diameter rod frames.
d) The rear of the cage must have rear of each cage is a solid stainless-steel sheet.
e) Each cage has two six-inch-wide perches made of 14 gauge 1" x ½" welded wire mesh. They should be suspended 14" above the cage floor and run from front to rear on either side of the cage.
f) Each perch must have a stainless-steel angle along the front edge for support and stiffness
g) Overall rack dimensions are 32-3/4" wide x 30-3/4" deep x 89-1/2" high. The rack has runners suspended under each cage to support excreta pan.
h) The rack has four- 4" stainless steel castors rigs with autoclavable wheels and precision stainless steel bearings in the axles, (two with brakes, all with zerks) for superior mobility.
i) The Rack braking castors must be "Total Locks" which lock the swivel and wheel simultaneously.
Warranty Requirements: The Contractor shall provide a two (2) year warranty on parts and labor. All products shall be warranted to be free from material defects in workmanship or material under normal use and service for warranty period
Purpose and Objectives
The NINDS AHCS requires twelve marmoset racks with two cages per rack. Each cage shall be equipped with an under-cage excreta pan and a door with a tamper-proof closure. The successful offeror shall provide caging that meets the specifications identified in this purchase description and provides the government the best value over the expected lifespan of the cages.
Period of Performance
The Contractor shall deliver the required equipment within six (6) months after receipt of order.
This synopsis is not a request for competitive proposals. However, interested parties may identify their interest and capability to respond to this notice.
Responses to this solicitation must include clear and convincing evidence of the offeror's capability of fulfilling the requirement as it relates to the technical evaluation criteria. The price proposal must include the labor categories, an estimate of the number of hours required for each labor category, fully loaded fixed hourly rate or each labor category, breakdown and rationale for other direct costs or materials, and the total amount. The technical proposal must include CV information for proposed Key Personnel that meet the minimum requirements specified above.
In addition the Dun & Bradstreet Number (DUNS), the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and the certification of business size must be included in the response. All offerors must have an active registration in the System for Award Management (SAM)"
A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed contract based upon responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. The information received will normally be considered solely for the purposes of determining whether to proceed on a non-competitive basis or to conduct a competitive procurement.
All responses must be received by June 12, 2019 at 10AM Eastern Time and must reference number NIH-NINDS-NOI-19-005846.
Responses must be submitted electronically to Andrea King,, and must reference the solicitation number NIH-NINDS-NOI-19-005846, on your electronic request. FAX requests are not accepted.
"All responsible sources may submit a capability statement, proposal, or quotation, which shall be considered by the agency."

Opportunity closing date
12 June 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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