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10 June 2019
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15 May 2019
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The Free State of Bavaria, represented by the State Building Authority Erlangen - Nuremberg, intends to refurbish the surgical area of ​​the gynecological clinic and to build a new building - possibly also in container construction - for an extension.

The existing surgical area no longer complies with the functional, technical and hygienic requirements for a modern OR operation. Since the given space program is not to be accommodated in the existing building, it proves necessary to build a two-storey extension in which, due to the functional processes, it must be connected directly to the existing building. In this, 3 operating rooms including some ancillary rooms are to be accommodated. A preliminary design, how a possible accommodation of the rooms in the old and extension building can take place, is the basis for further planning.

Since the construction work is carried out during the ongoing operation of the operating theatre and clinic, it is to be assumed that individual phases of construction are involved. Thus inter alia interim measures, provisional commissioning as well as safety precautions are to be carried out and it is to be assumed from interruptions in the course of construction.

SSA General

The Frauenklinik building has its own transformer station. This is not part of the measure. Starting from this, the existing main building distribution is supplied. The container plant receives a new GHV, which will then provide the conversion area of ​​the existing stock, alternatively it could be accommodated on the ground floor of the existing building (no longer used elevator room).

SSA (Planning and Construction Management)


- disassembly of the complete electrical installation in the existing building,
- low-voltage system consisting of GHV (in the container or EC existing building, elevator room), floor sub-distributions, final circuits, including lighting, and the corresponding supply lines to third-party works
- dismantling and renewal of the complete electrical installation in the existing building, complete new installation in the extension (container)
- construction of BSV plant in the same fire compartment as OP's
- creation of internal and external lightning protection system
- installation of safety lighting system according to building regulations

FMI (Planning and Construction Management)


- dismantling of the complete IT and telephone installation in stock
- rebuilding wiring telephone and EDP as CAT7 - structured. Separate cabinets for telephony (CAT3 patch panels) and EDP (CAT7 patch panels). Components must be suitable for POE + (30W)
- connection via fibre optic cable to existing university or clinical network
- battery-controlled access control incl. Line network for the surgical area with lock function
- fire alarm system according to DIN 14675 throughout the existing building, not only in the conversion area,
- building radio system (BOS) incl. Line network and radio field measurement
- patient call system in the conversion area and link to the existing stock,
- clock system in the operating theatre area and coupled with the nurse call system (time synchronisation), DCF77 receiver roof OP container.

FÖA (Planning and Construction Management)

In the extension, 2 small elevators for supply and disposal are provided.

Relocation of existing pneumatic tube lines (in operation)

Building data:

Existing building FK:

- planned effective area: 1,030 m2
- planned technical area: 311 m2
- planned traffic area: 687 m2
- new interim surgery
- planned usable area: 370 m2
- planned technical area: 149 m2
- planned traffic area: 247 m2

Opportunity closing date
10 June 2019
Value of contract

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Staatl. Bauamt Erlangen-Nürnberg Bucher Str. 30 Nürnberg 90408 Germany

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