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Opportunity closing date
21 March 2025
Opportunity publication date
03 December 2019
79610000: Placement services of personnel
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The Police wants to give a promising future perspective to the candidates to develop their talents, and thus to use it for a vigilant and subservient police force. The Police wants to effectively link the range of candidates from the target group of job appointments on the one hand and the supply of (social) enterprises on the other hand. In setting up this binding role, it is important to set up a pool of providers in which supply and demand are brought together and coordinated: on the one hand, the police organisation that wants contracts with (social) companies to hire candidates and, on the other hand, the (social) companies that can offer them. In this chapter, you will find all the information about the IBA category. In this category, invitations to tender are published that relate to packages of tasks for the police for the target group IBA 'people with a structural functional work disability', which is registered in the target group register of the UWV or the people who meet the conditions for inclusion in the register, as determined by the legislator, in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations. The target group includes: - people who fall under the Participation Act and who cannot independently earn the statutory minimum wage (WML); - ex- vso/pro pupils who have registered with the UWV in writing via the ABA form; - people with a Wsw indication; - young people with work capacity; - people with a Wiw job or an ID job; - people with a medical disability who came into being before their 18th birthday or during their studies; - people who work and who cannot earn a WML without a provision, but who can do so with a provision. The quota percentage takes account of these additional people. Source: knowledge document on the Employment Contracts Act and the Labour Restrictions Quota (spring 2018).

Opportunity closing date
21 March 2025
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Politie Marten Meesweg 35 Rotterdam 3068 AV Netherlands

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