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Opportunity closing date
21 November 2019
Opportunity publication date
19 October 2019
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to be confirmed
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The Long Term Plan 2018-28 (LTP) makes the City Centre one of the Council’s top four priorities to support the Council’s vision of a Smart Little City.
The LTP CBD (City Centre) Development priority states “Our aim for Nelson’s central business district is for it to be attractive to businesses, residents and visitors, with an exceptional mix of events, civic facilities and retail. We are working to build an environment that supports commerce, encourages inner city living and is a catalyst for private sector investment. The top of the South, Te Tau Ihu, needs a strong commercial centre to thrive. We want our city centre to enrich and build our local culture - the bustling meeting place for everyone who lives, works and visits here.”
The City Centre Programme Plan sets the strategy to achieve a step change. The City Centre Programme Plan approach is focused on the vitality of Nelson’s urban heart, a people-focused social hub to ‘linger longer’ through the delivery of residential growth, enabling good development investment and extending the active life of the City. A Smart Little City serving as a magnet to attract talent, offer superb hospitality and celebrate large events and small activation efforts, enveloped by our stunning natural landscapes.
Part of creating a vibrant city centre is the need to activate our streetscapes and public spaces. While the programme looks to achieve long term projects, temporary and relocatable activation kit is also seen as an important trial precursor to ensure appropriate long term permanent projects meet requirements.
Building on the recent success of the summer pedestrian trial closure with Upper Trafalgar Street, Nelson City Council will extend place-based changes across the City Centre. These will be “cheap and cheerful” temporary responses called Tactical Urbanism Initiatives (TUI).
TUI’s big idea is to change the way we might see and interact with our City Centre. TUI builds on Nelson’s creative culture as an expression if our unique place.
The success of TUI trial areas will help make our laneways more legible, safe and fun to move around the city centre as a pedestrian. This experience is heightened when places extend the vibrancy of local cafes, restaurants and events.

Opportunity closing date
21 November 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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