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Opportunity closing date
21 March 2025
Opportunity publication date
20 March 2020
79900000: Miscellaneous business and business-related services
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to be confirmed
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From pen to building, from official car to uniform; Facility Management (FM) is responsible for ordering, maintaining, managing and disposing of goods. FM consists of two parts: an FM Directorate (policy) and an FM Service (implementation) under the Police Services Centre (PDC). The Directorate monitors the implementation of the FM policy adopted by the FM Service in the PDC and its application within the regional units and the national unit. The FM department is responsible for the implementation of the policy. Requests for tenders are published in this category that relate to positions within the FM department. The FM service provides services and products to the PDC at all locations in the Netherlands. The service consists of the departments: - FM information, analysis and reporting, - accommodation, - Products and Services Management (PDM), (project management) The Facility Services department is organized three times (geographically) and consists of Regional Facility Services teams and national teams: Documentary Information Provision (DIV), Police Equipment (PU) and Vehicles and Vessels (V&V).For the Facilities category, the Police is regularly looking for the following professionals, such as: - Facility Services team chiefs, - housing and real estate specialists, - housing project managers, - transition advisers, - transition plan coordinators, - housing project managers, - housing realisation project managers, - change experts. In 2018 and 2019, an average of sixty requests per year were issued for the Facilities category. The Police intends to use the category for a period of five years, starting 21.3.2020, with an option to extend it twice for a period of twelve months.

Opportunity closing date
21 March 2025
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Politie Nieuwe Uitleg 1 Den Haag 2514 BP Netherlands

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