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Opportunity closing date
04 August 2021
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02 July 2021
9211000: Lub
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to be confirmed
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The subject matter of the order is purchase and delivery of engine oils and operating fluids for official vehicles for KWP in Gorzów Wielkopolski.2CPV code: 09211000-1 (lubricating oils and lubricants); 09211100-2 (engine oils), 24961000-8 (cooling liquids); 09211400-5 (gear oils); 09211600-7 (oils for use in hydraulic systems and for other purposes); 09211650-2 (brake fluids).3 The detailed scope of the subject matter of the order is enclosed in Appendix No. 1 to SWZ - Offer Form.4 .It is required that the assortment constituting the subject of the contract is delivered brand new, free from defects, released to the market and the first grade, manufactured up to 12 months before the date of delivery, and has a minimum 12-month shelf life, starting from the date of receipt by the Purchaser.
The Ordering Party requires that the following information is placed on the packaging or label of the ordered assortment being the subject of the contract: a) name of the assortment; b) capacity; c) date of production; d) name of the manufacturer.3.The Ordering Party requires that the Contractor provides the Ordering Party, on the day of the first delivery of the assortment at the latest, with the safety data sheet for a hazardous substance and a hazardous preparation - in accordance with the Act of February 25, 2011 on chemical substances and their mixtures (Dz.U. 2020 pos. 2289).4 The Contractor shall provide the Ordering Party with the safety data sheet free of charge, in writing, in the Polish language.5The Contractor shall deliver the ordered quantities of the ordered assortment at its own expense and risk, with its own means of transport, to the place of delivery indicated by the Purchaser.6.The Contractor undertakes to collect from the Ordering Party the same quantity of used packaging of oils/other assortment of operating fluids and oils in the scope of the subject matter of the contract/supply, as provided to the Ordering Party. The contractor shall collect the used packaging from the ordering party in order to send it for recycling. The contractor shall cover the recycling costs.9. The contractor undertakes to provide a guarantee for the oils supplied to the orderer on the terms and conditions specified in § 5 sections 3 and 4 of the draft agreement - appendix no. 5 to the SWZ (Terms of Reference).10. The order shall include information on the quantity and type of assortment and indicate the place of delivery.11.The date of delivery of the subject matter of the contract/assortment directly to the place indicated by the purchaser, within the time limit specified by the contractor in his offer, up to 3 working days (Mon.-Fri., excluding Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays), from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm, counting from the date of placing a telephone or e-mail order by the purchaser. The delivery date is one of the tender evaluation criteria and will be specified by the contractor in the tender form.12.The Ordering Party has specified in the offer form in column 4 "Minimum required approvals", which the assortment offered by a contractor must have.14. Place of delivery: a) Transport Service Station KWP Wróblewskiego 4, Gorzów Wielkopolski; b) Transport Service Station KWP Batorego 90, Zielona Góra.15.Detailed requirements concerning the order completion method, time limit and payment principles are included in the contract draft - appendix 5 to the SWZ.16. The Contractor must offer and perform the subject of the order in accordance with the requirements of the SWZ and its appendices.17. All appendices to the SWZ constitute its integral part.18. The expected quantities of the assortment specified in appendix 1 to the SWZ - offer form, constituting the subject of the order, are estimated quantities. The Ordering Party reserves the right to change the quantities of the assortment listed in Appendix No 1 to the SWZ within the limits of the given quantities of the particular assortment, maintaining the gross value of the offer (contractual remuneration) offered by the contractor.

Opportunity closing date
04 August 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Komenda Wojewódzka Policji w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim ul. Kwiatowa 10 Gorzów Wielkopolski 66-400 Poland

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