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Opportunity closing date
29 November 2023
Opportunity publication date
28 October 2023
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The construction measures advertised here are taking place as part of the implementation of the construction project Bavarian State Garden Show Furth im Wald 2025. With the implementation, the city of Furth im Wald seizes the opportunity to strengthen important green and recreational structures in the city and to make everyday life in the city more attractive. The planning area of the garden show comprises the two sub-areas north and south. The services described here are only to be carried out in the North sub-area.In the North area, a new public park is being created on the former Hofer Brewery site. By deconstructing the existing power plant channel on Postgartenweg and the stream piping underneath, as well as the new creation of an open water arm between Postgartenweg and the Hofer-Bräu site, an island is created that will be redesigned for the public to experience by providing direct access to the water. The planned playground on the Hofer Island fits decentrally into the designed and modeled lawn and meadow landscape. The varied arrangement of different playground equipment for children from 0-8 years creates exciting play situations, which are accompanied along the main path and provide new impulses again and again.
The subject of the tender is the production, delivery and installation on site (including the production of foundations) for a playground and various play objects distributed in a decentralized manner in the planned park area Hofer-Insel.Parallel to the production of the playground equipment, an external contractor (AN Hofer-Insel) has been commissioned with the edging, fall protection surfaces and earthworks under and around the play objects. The construction process, in particular the location and size of the foundations and the timing of the fall protection installation, is to be coordinated and agreed with the external contractor in close cooperation.The planned playground offers facilities for children up to 8 years of age. Special attention is given to the inclusion value of the play objects. Group play, cooperation and contact behavior as well as accessibility (also for wheelchair users) are to be ensured by the play objects in addition to the sensory perceptions of hearing, touch and balance. The playground consists of a central sand play area with a play structure consisting of three small play houses connected with balancing elements in the size of approx. L/W/H 1.7-2.1m x 1.7-2.1m x 3-3.8m, to which two slides and a wheelchair ramp are connected. The facility is supplemented by a sand play table, which can also be accessed by wheelchair users. A toddler's swing, a whirlwind rotating play equipment, bouncy slabs, hanging palms and a wheelchair trampoline are freely distributed on the island. Where necessary, fall protection areas are made of resilient grass panels that can be planted. The bouncy slabs and the wheelchair trampoline will be integrated into a water-bound surface in the northern part of the island. The Contractor is required to provide work and assembly planning, including structural analysis, as well as acceptance of the playground equipment by a TÜV expert for playground design, who must also accompany the work and assembly planning. The Contractor's services shall include the manufacture, delivery and assembly of the playground equipment and objects on site, including the necessary foundations. The Contractor's services shall not include the manufacture of the fall protection surfacing and edging, or earthworks. For further requirements, see the specifications.

Opportunity closing date
29 November 2023
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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