Germany - Installation of ventilation systems

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Opportunity closing date
18 February 2019
Opportunity publication date
18 January 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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The Albtal-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (AVG) is building a new building with office and service space and a small-scale retail trade with a gross floor area of approx. 36,470 sqm (including underground car park) on its own premises on Durlacher Allee in Karlsruhe (Germany), in the "Oststadt" district of Karlsruhe. It borders Gerwigstrasse to the north, EnBW headquarters to the east, Durlacher Allee to the south and Tullastraße to the west. There are other buildings on the site which are used by the client himself and which will be partly rebuilt. The development of the construction site will take place via Durlacher Allee and Tullastraße. The construction site is located within the operating area of the transport company. One area of the eastern and western tracks must always be kept in use, and air conditioning systems must be installed on the roofs as part of the technical building services. The air duct network supplies the slot and plate outlets on the floors via the respective TGA shafts. A closed loop system is used for energy recovery. In addition to the installation of the heat recovery stations, the associated plate heat exchangers must also be installed in the air handling units. Decentralised ventilation units with heat recovery are installed to supply the local supply units (supermarkets, etc.). These units also receive reproaches for air curtain systems. Within the duct network, variable volume flow controllers are installed in combination with silencers. The volume flow controllers are controlled via the building management system. During installation, influences on room acoustics (sound pressure level from 35 dB(A) in conference rooms to 40 dB(A) in offices; DIN 4109 Sound insulation in building construction; DIN EN 15251) as well as fire protection requirements must be taken into consideration.Quantity and scope of the contract: Construction of 14 air conditioning systems with air volumes ranging from approx. 2,000 m3/h to 50,0000 m3/h (numbering of the systems not continuous): System 1 Supply and exhaust air approx. 12,000 m3/h System 2 Supply and exhaust air approx. 50,000 m3/h System 3 Supply and exhaust air approx. 40 000 m3/h plant 4 supply and return air approx. 30 000 m3/h plant 5 supply and return air approx. 40 000 m3/h plant 14 supply and return air approx. 12 000 m3/h plant 15 return air approx. 3 000 m3/h plant 17 return air approx. 500 m3/h plant 18 return air approx. 500 m3/h plant 6a return air approx. 2 500 m3/h plant 6b return air approx. 2 000 m3/h plant 7 return air approx. 7 000 m3/h system 8 Exhaust air approx. 2 500 m3/h system 9 Exhaust air approx. 6 000 m3/h Installation of the WRG stationsInstallation of decentralised ventilation systems in the area of local supplyInstallation of approx. 12 500 m air ductsInstallation of approx. 4 000 air outlets, approx. 3 500 volume flow controllers and approx. 3 500 silencers

Opportunity closing date
18 February 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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AVG – Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft mbH Tullastr. 71 Karlsruhe 76131 Germany

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