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12 February 2019
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23 January 2019
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The services concern the implementation of an MCO (Maintenance in operational conditions) of the evolutions and corrections of the ARD Excel applications of the DPN and the DIPDE, and of certain applications (e-bis, for example) using different technologies (SharePoint, Web,...) The local applications (Excel) identified relate to several domains focused on the core business of the DPN, and in particular: control, automations/electricity, maintenance, radiation protection/security, tests, stocks/logistics, safety, engineering, chemistry, environment, human resources. These Excel applications, sometimes prescriptive and classified under IN26 and DI64, work for the most part like elaborate calculators (Visual Basic, use of macro, complex formulas...) to support these businesses in their daily work. Consequently, very reactive maintenance on these Excel applications is necessary in order to adapt to the rapid changes in the business, and in particular the rise in prescriptive indices for which the applications are the supports. the services include several phases of implementation: initialization, piloting service, development and maintenance service for Excel applications and other technologies, new business service, and reversibility. even if the development technologies are shared (Excel VBA, Microsoft.NET,...), the DPN applications / tools are nuclear specific. It is therefore necessary to have specific skills to understand the needs of nuclear power plant users (control room and control of power plants, chemistry, radiation protection,...) A support to users (Application Hot Line levels 1 to 3) will be required. Users of nuclear sites or central services must have a single support regardless of the tool used (Excel, Web, Sharepoint,...) and the user's field of activity. The purpose of this service is to support the agile development chain by the MME-SI Cluster (Operation Maintenance Method - Information System) of decisional reporting (BI and Big Data) The purpose of the BI reporting development service is to:- increase the BI query development capacity of the MME-SI Cluster,- complete the existing development team with skills related to Big Data environments and Datavisualization solutions,- propose an agile development offer more responsive and closer to the business lines.The activities concerned are:- analysis/instruction of business needs,- drafting of technical documents (SFD, A4 sheet),- development of BI reports and Big Data services (valuation of swordfish data),- development of dashboards with data-reporting solutions such as Software Table or Qlikview,- drafting of technical documents,- development of queries with SQL and Business Object,- development of Big Data queries (HiveQL type) to collect swordfish data (in the Datamart layers),- assistance in monitoring/piloting the development of BI and Big Data reporting services,- support for MME-SI teams on BI and Big Data skills,- MCO of developed reports and Big Data services.As well as:- support for the person in charge of the decision-making reporting process,- support for the construction of BI reports and Big Data services by MSME-SI experts,- support for the drafting of SFG,- support for the management of developments via the costing of BI reports and Big Data services,- animation of the team of developers.

Opportunity closing date
12 February 2019
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