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Opportunity closing date
22 October 2019
Opportunity publication date
17 September 2019
9120000: Gaseous fuels
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The subject of the contract is the provision by the Contractor to the Contracting Authority of a comprehensive supply of gas fuel in the form of high-methane natural gas (group E), consisting in the sale of gas fuel and the provision of gas distribution services to installations located in the Contracting Authority's facilities: 1. Municipality of Miłakowo, ul. Olsztyńska 16, 14-310 Miłakowo;2. Independent Public Healthcare Facility in Koło, ul. Poniatowskiego 25, 62-200 Koło;3. Military Institute of Aviation Medicine, ul. Zygmunta Krasińskiego 54/56, 01-755 Warsaw;4 The Regional Railway Hospital in Katowice S.P.Z.O.Z., ul. Panewnicka 65, 40-760 Katowice;5 The Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, al. Solidarności 105, 00-140 Warsaw;6 The Commune of Nadarzyn, ul. Mszczonowska 24, 05-830 Nadarzyn;7. Rewal Commune, Mickiewicza 19, 72-344 Rewal;8. Kudowa-Zdrój Commune, 24 Zdrojowa Street, 57-350 Kudowa-Zdrój;9. Dobra Commune, 16a Szczecińska Street, 72-003 Dobra;10. Środa Śląska Commune, 5 Wolności Square, 55-300 Środa Śląska;11. Nowa Ruda Commune, 1 Market Street, 57-400 Nowa Ruda.

Opportunity closing date
22 October 2019
Value of contract

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Gmina Miłakowo ul. Olsztyńska 16 Miłakowo 14-310 Poland

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