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Opportunity closing date
06 October 2023
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19 September 2023
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to be confirmed
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NEW NORTH is a project in the regional cooperation for transport with the 9 regions in North Norway, North Sweden, and North Finland. The project will be carried out in the period 1.9. 2023-31-8.2026.The background for the project is the current geopolitical situation, the green change, and the quickly developing industrial structure in the northern regions. This creates challenges for current transporters and logistics.The goal of the project is to develop a detailed status on the current transporters, logistics, and supply security within defined corridors and transport areas, and promote concrete proposals for future-orientated solutions with a focus on border-crossing transport.The project is split into 4 independent work packages in order to reach the goal.
The consultant notice applies for work package: 1 Seamless goods transport for the future for the period Oct/Nov 2023-31.8.2026.Names of the different work packages:1. Seamless goods transport for the future. See the description and tender documentation (lead by Finnmark and Norwegian partners).2. Transport security. Identify the current bottlenecks and examine future needs (lead by Lappland).3. Electrical aviation. Assess future the potential and routes (lead by Västerbotten)4. Green railway transport. Assess increased use of railways and new solutions (lead by Nord Karelen).Dialogue between the work packages will be required in order to secure coordinated recommendations.'NEW NORTH Interred project - sub-report'.The Norwegian partners in the project, Troms and Finnmark County and Nordland County are responsible for carrying out work package no. 1 seamless goods transport for the future in the period Oct/Nov 2023- 31.8.2026The contracting authorities in work package seamless goods transport for the future will, based on the requirements specification, prepare a status for goods transport and recommendations for future-orientated solutions in prioritised corridors in North Norway, North Sweden, and North Finland. It must also be possible to coordinate the work with the other work packages, particularly with work package 2. Transport security and 4. Green railway transport.The contracting authority responsible for this procurement is Troms and Finnmark County, c/o the Transport Division in Finnmark and the Strategy and Management Department.Goal for work package 1: Seamless goods transport for the future.A general and more detailed status of the current goods transport and future challenges in prioritised road corridors within countries and between the countries in the north.The status mainly applies for prioritised corridors to/from Finnmark, Troms, and Nordland via Lappland and Norrbotten to/from Bottenviken.This also includes functional connections internally in the regions and further to the most important international markets, connections with other means of transport and terminals (modality/inter-modality). The current and future relevant challenges and possibilities must be identified.The following must be carried out based on status and future challenges:The basis is to be assessed for more efficient and seamless logistics systems, the removal of different levels of bottleneck, lower transport costs, traffic safety measures, shortening of journey times, and a reduction of climate gas emissions.The final product must contribute to concrete recommendations for possible improvements to goods transport, which are anchored in the users and authorities' needs.Recommendation as to how to follow-up identified results after the project period has ended.The recommendation will be the basis for further goal-orientated work and follow-up of concrete regional and national political ambitions.

Opportunity closing date
06 October 2023
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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