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Opportunity closing date
07 December 2022
Opportunity publication date
09 November 2022
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The district of Darmstadt-Dieburg intends to build a new three-grade elementary school in Babenhausen on the site of a former American barracks and to convert and renovate the existing gymnasium with adjoining cinema hall. (Development plan "Kaisergärten").
The new elementary school is to be built according to the school building guidelines of the district as an inclusive all-day school. In addition to the learning and teaching area, the space program includes the subject teaching area, the administration area and the communal areas with cafeteria, library and break hall. Within the framework of a feasibility study (see attachment of feasibility study NGS, Babenhausen), the extent to which the existing property, specifically the cinema area, is suitable for accommodating individual areas of use was examined.The conclusion of the feasibility study is that a conversion of the cinema area makes sense from an educational point of view, as well as from a structural and economic point of view, and that the redevelopment variant should form the basis for further planning.Based on the school building guidelines, the parts of the room program that are suitable for use in the existing building were defined. Here, the common areas, the subject teaching area, as well as the rooms of the administrative area were identified to be accommodated in the former cinema area.This division of use allows the construction of a pure learning house in a new building, in which all general teaching areas with the associated team stations are accommodated.The renovation of the existing building, including the sports hall and cinema area, has a size of approximately 2,912 m² GFA. Due to the special structure of the outer shell, interior insulation is planned. Furthermore, the energy standard for the refurbishment should be "passive house in existing buildings" in accordance with the guidelines for sustainable building. The estimated costs for the cost group 300 + 400 amount to approx. 5.724.150,- € net.The partial new building has a GFA of approx. 3.300 m² and is to be built in the passive house standard according to the guidelines for sustainable building. The costs for the cost group 300 + 400 are estimated at approx. 6.920.000, - € net.The heat supply takes place over a district heating connection with 250 kW achievement.For the total measure conveyances are to be taken up in accordance with the hessian local guideline passive house plus solar and passive house in the existence plus solar.The objective is the completion of the new elementary school at the beginning of the school year 2026/27.Size / scopePartial new construction 3,300 m² GFA renovation/remodeling 2,912 m² GFANew outdoor facility 10,500 m²Cost framework:For budgetary reasons, the construction costs for the construction measure should not exceed the amount of € 12,650,000 net, as of 09/2022. The mentioned costs include the cost groups 300 to 400 according to DIN 276 of December 2008 (DIN 276-1: 2008-12). The contractor shall provide its services in such a way that this cost target is met.The construction costs are currently estimated as follows.1. refurbishment of a sports hall with conversion of a cinema area for school useKG 300 + 400 6,811,739 € (gross)KG 300 6,811,738.00 € x 0.755 5,145,953 € (gross)KG 400 6,811,738.00 € x 0.245 1,665,786 € (gross)2. partial new constructionKG 300 + 400 8.236.704 € (gross)KG 300 8.236.704,00 € x 0,65 5.353.858 € (gross)KG 400 8.236.704,00 € x 0,35 2.882.846 € (gross)3. external facilitiesKG 500 3.281.250 € (gross)Planning services:Structural design acc. §§49 ff. HOAI 2021 Lph 1-6Performance phase 1: Basic evaluation 3%Performance phase 2: Preliminary design 10%Performance phase 3: Design planning 15%Performance phase 4: Approval planning 30%Performance phase 5: Detailed design 40%Performance phase 6: Preparation for award of contract 2%100%Timeframe for performance of services:The scheduled milestones are- Start of planning 04/2023,- Start of construction 08/2024,- Start of commissioning phase 05/2026 and- Completion date 07/2026.Award criteria (2nd phase)1. project team / project organizationWeighting 45 points (approx. 35%)- project team / personnel deployment concept, internal organization, presence on site- measures to ensure that services are provided in line with quality, deadlines and costs- coordination / cooperation with the client, architect / specialist planner and other parties involved in planning2. Project analysis / approachWeighted 45 points (approx. 35%)- approach to the planning of the new building (preliminary study), assessments of special requirements- approach to the planning of the renovation (preliminary study), assessments of special requirements (fixtures, additions)- statements on the preliminary study / feasibility study supporting structure of the hall (columns, roof, etc.).Fee weighting 40 points (approx. 30%)- fee offer incl. conversion surcharge (share of existing building), special services and ancillary costs lump sum maximum achievable points total

Opportunity closing date
07 December 2022
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Zentrale Auftragsvergabestelle des Landkreises Darmstadt-Dieburg für den Eigenbetrieb Da-Di-Werk Gebäudemanagement Jägertorstraße 207 Darmstadt 64289 Germany

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