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Opportunity closing date
07 December 2021
Opportunity publication date
10 November 2021
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to be confirmed
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The Asklepios Südpfalzklinik GmbH is planning the construction of a new operating theatre /ZNA /ITS-IMC at the Kandel site. The order is for phased services for the specialist planning of technical equipment in plant group 7 (medical technology) in accordance with Part 4 Section 2 HOAI, Section 55 Para. 1 HOAI in conjunction with Annex 15 No. 15.1 HOAI in service phases 1 to 9. Annex 15 No. 15.1 HOAI in the work phases 1 to 9. The planning includes medical equipment. In addition, special services are commissioned.
The Asklepios Südpfalzklinik GmbH plans the new building OP /ZNA /ITS-IMC at the location Kandel..General:.The Asklepios Südpfalzklinik Kandel is a house of the basic and standard care which has a good reputation in the closer and wider environment and has to cope with a correspondingly good utilization. However, the maintenance of the current good quality of treatment is becoming more and more difficult and costly due to the increasingly obvious defects in the building facilities. At the same time, on the one hand, the demands made on the clinic by the patients are increasing, due among other things to the generally known ageing of society as well as the increasing expectations of the patients with regard to the quality of treatment and accommodation. On the other hand, in various parts of the building the legally prescribed fire protection requirements can no longer be met or can only be met at disproportionately high expense. This applies, among other things, to the operating theatre area, the intensive care unit and the patient lying approach. In order to compensate for the continuing wear and tear of the building fabric and to be able to cope with future tasks, the clinic is to be fundamentally renewed and modernised within the framework of a partial new building. The necessity of the planned new building of the OP, ZNA and ITS results essentially from the two points mentioned below:.1. the buildings were constructed in the 1970s and the building fabric no longer meets current requirements with regard to space requirements, building physics and prerequisites for economic operation. Adapting and upgrading the existing building fabric during ongoing operations would, on the one hand, incur enormous costs and, during the conversion phase, cause considerable disruption to the clinic's operations. On the other hand, the increased requirements in terms of space requirements, traffic routes, room allocation, etc. cannot be realised in the existing building, which would in any case necessitate a structural extension. 2. Part E of the building, in which the service yard with supply units is currently located on the ground floor and the operating theatre area with intensive care unit on the upper floor, no longer complies with the valid fire protection regulations. Various measures to improve fire protection have already been implemented in these areas and approximately EUR 1 million of Asklepios' own funds have been used for this purpose. This has led to the operating license for these areas being extended until the end of 2024. However, a further extension of the operating permit, in the sense of further use in the medium or long term, is not possible..In order to equip the Asklepios Südpfalzklinik Kandel in accordance with the requirements to be expected in the future and to ensure long-term clinic operation, the planned new building is urgently required..A function and space program (FRP) for the planned new building has been approved by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Demography. On this basis a feasibility study was prepared. As a result of the feasibility study, a space requirement of approx. 14,430m² of building area results. The existing building areas A and B were fundamentally renovated in 2012/2013 and this measure was supported by subsidies from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. These areas will not be affected by the planned new construction and conversion...The planned new building is to be planned and executed in accordance with the currently valid medical, nursing, spatial, structural-physical and technical requirements. In this way, the proper operation of the clinic is to be ensured over the next years and decades..Deadlines:.The framework schedule of the project is to be observed. With regard to BT E, it is pointed out that the operating permit expires at the end of 2024.LPH 1-2 Preliminary design from 22.03.2022LPH3 (design planning HU construction) from 03.05.2022LPH4 (approval planning) from 14.11 2022LPH5 (works planning) from 16.12.2022LPH6/7 (invitation to tender) from 07.04.2023LPH 8 (construction) from 14.08.2023New construction BA 1 acceptance, adjustment, rectification of defects by 29.11.2024Move, decommissioning BT E until 20.12.2024New construction BA 2 acceptance, adjustment, defect rectification until 03.08.2026Final commissioning until 02.11.2026.Services:.The order is for phased services of the technical equipment planning in the plant group 7 (medical technology) according to Part 4 Section 2 HOAI, § 55 Para. 1 HOAI in conjunction with. Annex 15 No. 15.1 HOAI in the service phases 1 to 9. The planning includes medical equipment..The service levels are divided as follows:.Level 1: Service phases 1-4Level 2: Service phase 5Level 3: Service phases 6, 7Level 4: Service phase 8Level 5: Service phase 9.In addition, special services will be commissioned..The award and contract documents are referred to. Further documents relating to the project will be made available in return for a non-disclosure agreement.

Opportunity closing date
07 December 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Asklepios Südpfalzkliniken GmbH Dr. Sauerbruch-Strasse 1 Burglengenfeld 93133 Germany

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