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Opportunity closing date
05 July 2025
Opportunity publication date
19 July 2023
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This is not an open procedure, but a so-called open-house model! The form for the open procedure is only used because there is no form for the open-house model. Contracts concluded in the open-house model are not subject to public procurement law due to the lack of a selection decision. The use of this form does not imply a submission to procurement law regulations.AOK Bayern intends to conclude non-exclusive discount agreements on blood glucose test strips with all interested providers in accordance with Section 130a (8) SGB V. AOK Bavaria offers to conclude identical and non-individually negotiable rebate agreements to all interested providers who meet the eligibility requirements listed below. The earliest possible start date of the contract is 01.09.2023, all contracts end on 31.08.2025. A conclusion of the contract is possible at any time during this term, but no later than 05.07.2025. After a period of 12 months, the contract can be terminated ordinarily, with a notice period of 3 months to the end of the quarter. Upon entry into force of a discount agreement on blood glucose test strips concluded by nationwide or state-specific open procedure, the open-house agreements shall automatically cease to apply for the corresponding term. A contract will be entered into with all interested providers who demonstrate eligibility by submitting a completed and signed self-declaration of reliability.The offeror must submit the completed and signed contract (the representative authority of the signatory(ies) must be evident from the extract from the commercial register, otherwise a power of attorney must be submitted) together with the completed and signed Annex 1 "Specification of the blood glucose test strips covered by the contract" and the completed and signed self-declaration of reliability.The documents can be submitted EITHER in WRITTEN form signed by hand OR ELECTRONIC with a qualified electronic signature.Hand-signed documents in WRITTEN FORM must be sent in duplicate in the original to the following address:AOK Bayern - Die GesundheitskasseVergabestelle SGB VZE25open-house RabattverträgeCarl-Wery-Str. 2881739 MünchenELEKTRONISCH Unterlagen mit einer qualifizierten elektronischen Signatur sind über den Kommunikationsbereich im Vergabeportal zu einreichen.Bei Eingang vollständig und korrekter Unterlagen bis zum 05. eines Monats erfolgt der Vertragsbeginn zum darauf folgenden nächsten Monatsersten, sonst zum darauf folgenden übernächsten Monatsersten. In the case of documents signed by hand in WRITTEN FORM, sending the complete, completed and signed documents in advance by fax (089/62730650151), as a scan to the e-mail address or via the communication area in the award portal will meet the deadline if the complete and correct original documents in paper form are received by AOK Bayern, AOK Bavaria, by the 10th day of the month. Please note the instructions for completing the form, which are available at under the award documents.Interested providers can request activation of the award documents in the project room for the open house procedure on the portal A link to the portal is provided in this document. A link to the portal is included in this announcement.Only providers of blood glucose test strips will be considered as potential contractors. The documents of the open house procedure will only be made available to suppliers of blood glucose test strips as potential contract partners and are to be treated as strictly confidential. The confidential treatment of the documents is confirmed by the companies' application for activation.

Opportunity closing date
05 July 2025
Value of contract

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AOK Bayern - Die Gesundheitskasse Carl-Wery-Str. 28 München 81739 Germany

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