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Opportunity closing date
05 October 2025
Opportunity publication date
21 October 2023
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§ Section 130a (8) of the German Social Code, Book V (SGB V) enables health insurance funds and pharmaceutical companies to conclude framework discount agreements for drugs to be dispensed at the expense of the statutory health insurance funds. With regard to the relevant legal regulations for the award of public contracts, a regular process of active substance-related, formal award procedures in accordance with the regulations of the 4th part of the GWB is carried out by DAK-Gesundheit. For drugs to be named in more detail by the bidder in Annex 2 to the contract for the above-mentioned active ingredient, Doravirin, ATC J05AG06, DAK-Gesundheit intends to conclude drug rebate contracts with as many interested pharmaceutical companies as possible until new drug rebate contracts come into force. A rebate contract in the context of the approval model for the above-mentioned active ingredient will enter into force for the first time on December 1, 2023 and end on November 30, 2025. Irrespective of this, it will end automatically when the exclusive contract enters into force.
DAK-Gesundheit assumes that this procedure does not fall within the scope of antitrust procurement law due to the lack of a selection decision and thus the non-discriminatory access of all pharmaceutical companies. Irrespective of this, it ends automatically when the exclusive contract for Doravirin, ATC J05AG06, comes into force as a result of a formal award procedure in accordance with the regulations of Part 4 of the ARC with one or more contract partners. In order to do justice to the diversity of potential contractual partners within the framework of the approval model, each pharmaceutical company will be enabled to conclude a framework agreement at any time and under the same conditions during the term of the agreement. The contract documents required for this purpose are available for download via the online portal under the link mentioned under I.3.Prerequisites for concluding, or later joining, the contracts that will come into force for the first time on 01.12.2023 are the complete and timely submission of the following documents (available for download under the link mentioned under I.3) to the following department at DAK-Gesundheit:1. Letter of offer2. Acknowledgement of the contractual requirements of DAK-Gesundheit, in particular the specified discounts, by submission of the contract, bearing the name or company stamp, by the interested party to the designated office.3. The completed Annexes 1 and 2 to the contract. The interested party must enter here the drugs for the above-mentioned active ingredient which are to become the subject of the contract.The documents are to be submitted PER e-mail bei:openhouse@dak.deDAK-GesundheitFachbereich Arzneimittel (0038 00)Nagelsweg 27-3120097 HamburgAnnex 2 is to be sent expressly as an Excel file to the e-mail address under this model and for the above-mentioned active ingredient will be concluded for the first time with effect from 01.12.2023 and will end on 30.11.2025.Interested parties who wish to become contractual partners on this date must submit the above-mentioned, The offer is to be submitted in text form as an electronic offer PER E-MAIL to The offer is to be submitted by mail. Submission of the bid by mail is not envisaged in this procedure.Please do NOT submit the bid via the German Procurement Portal.To meet the deadline, electronic receipt of the complete documents PER E-MAIL to the e-mail address is sufficient.Subsequent accessions are possible at any time. In order to be able to join during the term of the contract on the 1st or 15th of the following month, the above-mentioned documents must be received by DAK-Gesundheit by the 5th of the previous month, regardless of the desired entry. Here, too, timely receipt by e-mail at DAK-G is decisive. Example: The bidder's desired accession is to take place on 15.07. (following month), the documents would have to be received by 05.06. (previous month). As already made clear, this is not such a case - the announcement had to be used for technical reasons, as there is no form suitable for admission procedures.

Opportunity closing date
05 October 2025
Value of contract

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DAK-Gesundheit Nagelsweg 27-31 Hamburg 20097 Germany

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