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23 February 2024
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23 January 2024
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The subject matter of the order is successive supply of dressing materials, surgical kits and disposable linen and drapesDetailed description of the subject matter of the order, required form, capacity/volume, dosage, unit of measurement, quantity per package, number of packages is specified in the SUPPLY FORM, constituting Appendix No. 1 to the SWZ.The offered subject of the order, as a medical device, must be authorized for marketing and use in accordance with the conditions specified in the Act of 07.04.2022 on Medical Devices (TJ Journal of Laws of 2022, item 974 as amended) and have the appropriate certificate, declaration of conformity or other documents required by law. In addition, the offered surgical products must have sterility class II A rule 7.Detailed conditions and rules for the execution of the subject of the order are additionally specified in the contractual terms and conditions which are Annex No. 5 to the SWZ "Contractual terms and conditions".Delivery date - according to current needs, each time within a maximum of 2 days rob.
Polyurethane dressing on a roll. Acrylic adhesive (hypoallergenic) evenly applied to the entire adhesive surface. 2 layers of protection. Top applicator with metric measure divided into 2 equal parts. Resistant to disinfectants containing alcohol. Class I medical device Bactericidal surgical film, made of polyester, 0.025 mm thick, with acrylic adhesive containing iodophor, from which bactericidal molecular iodine is released; breathable, stretchable, non-flammable. Class III medical device; CE certificate. Task No. 3 Sentence No. 4 - description in appendix No. 1 to SWZ. Dressing made of viscose knitted fabric with low adhesion; impregnated with polyethylene glycol, containing 10% iodopovidone, 1% pure iodine. Designed for infected and exposed wounds. Task No. 6 - description in accordance with Appendix No. 1 to the SWZ. Task No. 7 - description in accordance with attachment No. 1 to the SWZ. Task No. 8 - description according to attachment No. 1 to the SWZ. Task No. 9 - description in accordance with attachment No. 1 to the SWZ. Task No. 10 - description in accordance with attachment No. 1 to the SWZ. Task No. 11 - description in accordance with attachment No. 1 to the SWZ. Task No. 12 - description in accordance with attachment No. 1 to the SWZ. Dressing adhesive on white non-woven, semi-elastic with high adhesion, with vertical perforation every 5cm for easy division without the need for scissors, without backing paper, with acrylic adhesive without sensitizing zinc oxide, on a roll Sterile patch; hypoallergenic with central dressing covered with synthetic rubber or acrylic adhesive, made of flexible, porous non-woven fabric (100% polyester); central absorbent pad protected against adhesion to wounds - covered with microperforated polyethylene film (micro mesh), made of viscose-propylene non-woven fabric (90% + 10%). Rounded edges; wide overlap of protective paper for easy application with protective gloves. Sterile, non-woven dressing (100% polyester), fully hypoallergenic and non-cytotoxic with an additional absorbent layer (protected against adherence to the wound) - for fixing venflons with synthetic rubber or acrylic glue; protected by strips of paper for easy application; rounded edges op. a'50pcs (or larger max 150pcs - Contractor will count accordingly). Task No. 17 - description according to appendix no. 1 Task No. 18 - description according to appendix no. 1 Task No. 19 - description according to appendix no. 1 Task No. 20 - description according to appendix no. 1 Supporting knitted bandage, 100% viscose, individually packed with: minimum weight of 4.8g for width: 5cm, minimum 9g for width 10cm, minimum 14g for width 15cm. Woven elastic bandage, individually packaged; composition: >60% cotton, >30% polyamide silk; elastomeric yarn. Disposable, mesh dressing sleeve with increased transverse elasticity, fluffy structure and small (or maximum medium mesh), cutable (does not fray). For supporting dressings, of all types and sizes, especially on joints, conical and rounded parts of the body, as well as on wounds and pressure areas. Composition: grafted yarn of polyurethane 15% and polyamide 85%. Task No. 24 - description in accordance with Annex No. 1 to the SWZ. Lignin bleached without the use of chlorine compounds, sheets 40x60 cm (+/-1.5 cm) a 5 kg packed in foil and then in a carton max (3x5kg), single layer grammage minimum 36 g/m2, water absorption capacity min. 12 g/g; sinking time max. 2 s; structure "slightly corrugated". Task no. 26 - description according to SWZ - appendix no. 1 Task no. 27 - description according to SWZ - appendix no. 1 Task no. 28 - description according to SWZ - appendix no. 1 Task no. 29 - description according to SWZ - appendix no. 1 Task no. 30 - description according to SWZ - appendix no. 1 Three-layer surgical towel of 180x180cm with adhesive tape. Made of three-layer laminate: polyethylene film 40 microns, viscose non-woven min.20g/m2 and non-woven polypropylene Total weight of the napkin min. 70g/m2. Resistance of the napkin to the passage of liquids. Sterile surgical towel, size 200x240cm with a central hole of 12cm diameter, made of a two-layer laminate: viscose nonwoven 23g/m2 / PE film 40 microns. Total grammage of the napkin min. 60.5 g/m2. Resistance of the napkin to the passage of liquids min. 127cmH20, dry tear resistance min. 67kPa, wet tear resistance min. 45kPa. Inner packaging of dispenser type. Regional anesthesia set consisting of: 1 self-adhesive double-sided napkin 50 x 50 cm; 1 washing tool (plastic, straight atraumatic 12 cm); 10 pieces of gas compresses 7.5 x 7.5 cm (ES 12 ply, 17 nit.); 5 pieces of tupfer No. 4 , 24 x 24 cm 20 nit. Packed in crepe paper. Package a'34pcs. Task No. 34 - in accordance with the Appendix No. 1 to the SWZ Appendix No. 35 - description in accordance with the SWZ Appendix No. 36 - description in accordance with the SWZ Appendix No. 37 - description in accordance with the SWZ Appendix No. 38 - description in accordance with the SWZ Appendix No. 39 - description in accordance with the SWZ Disposable surgical set (blouse and pants), minimum weight 40g/m2. Legs without welts. In pants pulled in trouser of the same nonwoven fabric as the entire set, blouse with pockets at the bottom of the blouse, at the neck, V-type finish, material on the entire surface - nonwoven SMMS 100% polypropylene. Package a 50pcs. (or other Contractor shall count accordingly). Sizes S- XXL, available in different colors. Compliant with the standard EN 13795. Task No. 41 - description in accordance with the SWZ Disposable medical filtering respirator class FFP3 (according to PN-EN 149+A1:2009) without an exhalation valve, worn behind the ears with a clip for attachment behind the head, microbiologically clean, filtration level >99%, designed to protect the respiratory system against aerosols of solid particles, water-based aerosols (dust, smoke) and aerosols with liquid dispersed phase (mists), made of multilayer filtering material, has a nose clip (possibility of formatting the respirator within the nose); ensures ease of breathing. The anatomical shape and nose clip provide an easy fit for most face shapes and ensures a full seal; penetration through the filter material of sodium chloride aerosol or oil mist ≤ 1%; total leakage ≤ 2%; inhalation resistance at a flow rate of 95 l/min ≤ 300 Pa (3.0 mbar); exhalation resistance of 160 l/min ≤ 300 Pa (3.0 mbar).The respirator complies with: the European harmonized standard PN-EN 149:2001+A1:2009; the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) on personal protective equipment 89/686/EEC (EEC), Individual protection product category III, Medical product class I. On the product itself marking: the names or logo of the manufacturer, the model of the mask, filtration class, CE with the number of the notified body, EN 149:2001+A1:2009. Individually packed x 1 pcs - max. 10 pcs. in a way that protects against contamination. On the unit, intermediate or bulk packaging, information about the expiration date and batch number. Disposable 3-layer patient cover blanket made of soft, breathable, quilted with stitching throughout the fabric. Composition: inside 100% polyester + outer layers of non-woven PP. Dimensions minimum 110x200cm. Disposable, highly absorbent, hypoallergenic, operating table pad; material composition includes: polypropylene, polyester. Contains a strong, waterproof laminate and an absorbent core (min 0.7 mm thick) along the entire length of the sheet. Product that does not cause damage to the patient's skin - smooth, uniform surface / no folds, stitching, etc./. Product weight min. 120 g/m2. Size 100cm x 225cm. Absorbent pads with a soft shredded cellulose insert with a moisture-impermeable outer film; absorbency of at least 1000ml; size: 60x90cm or 70x90cm; pack of 30pcs. (or a maximum of 120 pcs - Contractor will recalculate accordingly). Fleece interlining sheet in green, blue or other color approved by the Ordering Party with a weight of min. 30 g/m2, dimensions: 210cm-240cm x160 cm. Package = 10pcs. Task no. 47 - description according to SWZ Task no. 48 - description according to SWZ

Opportunity closing date
23 February 2024
Value of contract

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