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Opportunity closing date
15 July 2024
Opportunity publication date
20 July 2020
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Value of contract
to be confirmed
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Energie Beheer Nederland B.V. (EBN) is 100 percent owned by the Dutch state. We implement parts of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate's climate and energy policy. Until 2016, we focused mainly on tracing, extracting and storing gas and oil. Now we are one of the driving forces behind the energy transition in the Netherlands. EBN has in-depth knowledge of the Dutch subsurface and plays a key role in connecting private and public parties in the energy sector. As a non-operating partner, EBN is involved in virtually all oil and gas projects in the Netherlands. Our interest in these activities varies from 40% to 50%. The proceeds from these activities benefit the treasury and thus Dutch society.
The aim of this DAS is to set out assignments within the scope of consultancy activities related to, but not limited to, oil and gas extraction, geothermal energy (deeper than 500 m), CO2 storage, hydrogen and green gas, in the field of Geoscience (such as geology & interpretation, geochemistry, geophysics, petrophysics, geomechanics, including subsurface data management & GIS),- Facilty engineering (such as design, construction and procurement activities), drilling & completion including well design, reservoir & production engineering), - Environmental management (activities related to, among other things, permit applications and execution of activities, such as environmental studies, environmental communication) and management of health, safety, environment and quality - HSEQ).Further enquiries may include the execution of assignments, projects, desktop studies, research, analysis, as well as the hiring of specific persons, including ZZP hires. Excluded from this scope are purchases in the field of IT such as software and legal advice in all areas of knowledge. In addition, services in the field of recruitment and selection for employees are also excluded from this scope. Also excluded from this scope are all activities in the field of communication and public affairs, other than those required within environmental management. In addition, services in the field of HR, such as training, reintegration services, etc, are excluded from this scope. As a general rule, all supplies and works that might fall within this scope description are also excluded. We invite you to submit a request for participation, in which you will go through the criteria for admission.

Opportunity closing date
15 July 2024
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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EBN bv Daalsesingel 1 Utrecht 3511 SV Netherlands

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