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Opportunity closing date
04 August 2021
Opportunity publication date
04 June 2021
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Supply and delivery of ductile iron pipes DN 250-500 mm, total length 35 km, and associated fittings for the construction of secondary transmission mains in poor neighbourhoods of the city of Phnom Penh.
The Royal Government of Cambodia, represented by the Mininstry of Economy and Finance, inked the Investment Grant Agreement on Bakheng Water Supply Project amounting of EUR 12 700 000 with the European Investment Bank on 23 December 2020. The amount of this Grant Agreement will be used for eligible payment under the contracts for the three Packages of procurement of:— the supply and delivery of ductile iron pipes and fittings for secondary transmission main (batch2) with IPC No.: BKG-02-STM-B-PPWSA/EU including 35km of Dutile Iron Pipes and DI fittings ranging from DN 250 to 500 mm,— the supply and delivery of valves and accessories (Batch 2) with IPC No.: BKG-02-AC-B-PPWSA/EU including valves, flange adaptors, dismantling joints, electromagnetic flow meters and fire hydrants ranging from 65 to 500 mm,— the supply and delivery of HDPE Pipes and Fittings for Distribution Mains (Batch 2) with IPC No.: BKG-02-DM-B-PPWSA/EU including 862km of HDPE Pipe and fitting ranging from DN 63 to 225 mm.All the above-mentioned procurement contracts will contribute to the expansion of the drinking water network to 15 low-income communities with 128 villages at the outskirt of Phnom Penh Capital named as follows:1) Preaek Kompues community with 5 villages located at Dangkor District;2) Spean Thma community with 4 village located at Dangkor District;3) Spean Thma community with 12 village located at Dangkor District;4) Sak Sampov community with 7 villages located at Dangkor District;5) Prey Veaeng community with 4 villages located at Dangkor District;6) Pong Tuek community with 4 villages located at Dangkor District;7) Prateah Lang community with 5 villages located at Kamboul District;8) Boeng Thum community with 14 villages located at Kamboul District;9) Pleung Chheh Roteh community with 9 villages located at Kamboul District;10) Kantaok community with 5 villages located at Kamboul District;11) Kaboul community with 11 villages located at Kamboul District;12) Snao community with 10 villages located at Kamboul District;13) Pong Sang community with 19 villages located at Prek Pnov District;14) Ov lork community with 10 village located at Kamboul District;15) Kbal Kaoh community wtih 9 village located at Chbar Ampov District.

Opportunity closing date
04 August 2021
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Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) No 45, Street 106, Srash Chak, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh of Cambodia Phnom Penh 12201 Cambodia

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