Australia - Cloncurry Hospital water treatment plant and water reticulation upgrade

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Opportunity closing date
06 June 2024
Opportunity publication date
29 April 2024
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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North West Hospital and Health Service (NWHHS) invites tenders from suitably qualified and experienced contractors to undertake construction of the Cloncurry Hospital water treatment plant and water reticulation upgrade (the project). The project’s drawings and specification are outlined in the documents provided by Hydraulic Designs Queensland Pty Ltd and CETEC – included in ‘Attachment 3 – drawings and specification’.
NWHHS is the primary healthcare provider for the regional and rural communities of North West Queensland, with Mount Isa Base Hospital functioning as the primary tertiary hospital in the region. Under section 61C of the Public Health Act 2005, NWHHS is obligated to identify hazards, hazardous sources and events and implement controls to address risks associated with these for Cloncurry Hospital.
Several risks have been identified, including Legionella proliferation, low residual chlorine concentrations, high turbidity, water discoloration, corrosive water, and potential for loss of supply. Unfortunately, the current infrastructure is inadequate, with thermostatic mixing valves only installed on patient rooms and other outlets used for hygiene that are not tempered. The existing copper pipework is also failing, with multiple leaks, and the hot water plant is not maintaining the minimum storage temperature under AS / NZ 3500.
To address these issues, a water treatment plant (WTP) will be installed on the incoming water supply to inpatient areas, giving hospital personnel greater control over water quality and identified risks. The existing hot and cold pipework in the main hospital will be replaced to meet Australian Standards, and the hot water plant will be replaced to maintain temperature.
The WTP will ensure appropriate treatment of the incoming and recirculated water. This will remove suspended solids, reduce the corrosivity of the water, kill parasitic protozoa, and maintain residual chlorine disinfectant levels in key lines. These measures will assist in controlling bacteria, including Legionella and other microbial species, in inpatient buildings.
The WTP will feature a dosing plant with dose control, return lines to the treatment plant, water storage, corrosion monitoring, and an update to the water risk management plan if deemed necessary. Additionally, the installation will include aesthetic aspects, as approved by the principal, as well as security and access pathways to the plant. All materials must comply with the Queensland Health Capital Infrastructure Requirements, Volumes 1 to 4, as appropriate. Furthermore, all WTP components must be Watermark-compliant or deemed appropriate for use.
NWHHS has issued this ITT with the objectives to complete the project:
·       in alignment with the drawings and specification
·       with minimal impact on the day-to-day operations of the HHS
·       with minimal impact or inconvenience to the HHS’s patients, staff and visitors
·       with sensitivity to diversity, including cultural respect for First Nations people
·       with no environmental, health or safety incidents
·       on time, within budget and with no defects in the works.
In addition, NWHHS has a strong focus on developing local business and employment. NWHHS expects that, wherever possible, local subcontractors and employees will be used.

Opportunity closing date
06 June 2024
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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