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28 May 2019
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11 May 2019
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DLA Troop Support- FQEC May 10, 2019
(Samuel Clifton /215.737.2374)

SUBJECT: Market Research Survey

Item: Gloves, Chemical Protective
PGC: 00109
NSN: 8415-01-675-0995(s)
Showa -Cage Code 4WGN1
Cut Resistant: Level D
Straight Blade Cut Resistance (EN ISO: 13997)
Color=Yellow/ Black
Liner: Kelvar, Glass Fibre, Spandex
Flame Resistant
Coating: Zorb-it Sponge Nitrile palm
Length = 220-260 (Size Dependent)
Cuff Style: Elasticated, Knit Wrist
Seamless Knitted liner to prevent irritation
Lightweight 15 gauge breathable liner
Suitable for contact heat resistance up to 250 degrees Celsius (Approx. 15 seconds)
Quantity and Unit of Issue (1 pair)
Part Number or Equal
NSN Size UPC Part No# Tariff %
8415-01-675-0995 6/small 718020968445 SHO45610 0
8415-01-675-1002 7/medium 718020668215 SHO45611 5
8415-01-675-1003 8/large 718020923765 SHO45612 37
8415-01-675-1004 9/X Large 718020698243 SHO45613 58
8415-01-675-1005 10/XX Large 718020995045 SHO45614 0
Unit of Issue (Pair)
Min / Max - 5,343/ 21,372
DLA Troop Support is conducting market research on the above item to determine an acquisition strategy that will enhance our support of military customers worldwide, as well as to determine what your industry will be capable of providing. For this reason, DLA Troop Support would appreciate your firm sharing your expertise and insight into how these items can be most efficiently procured.
DLA Troop Support anticipates issuing a solicitation for the referenced item under an Indefinite Quantity Contract. The contract may be for a term of one year or may contain an option to extend the term of the contract. If an option provision is included in the solicitation, each option term would be one year. However, the total contract term will not exceed five years. The answer to the questions concerning pricing will be one of the factors that will help the Government to determine the term of the contract.
It should be noted that this inquiry, in no way, should be interpreted as a solicitation for offers. No information provided in response to this inquiry will be considered binding between the vendor and the Government. With these facts in mind, please review the item listed above and answers the questions on the attached pages. The answers you provide will remain confidential. Please return this survey to Samuel Clifton at samuel.clifton@dla.mil, by May 28, 2019 at 3:30 pm.
NOTE: This is a MARKET RESEARCH SURVEY, NOT A REQUEST FOR A BID/PROPOSAL. Please review the following pages and provide a current market price.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Samuel Clifton
Acquisition Specialist 
1. Commerciality:
(a) Is the item(s) commercial or modified commercial in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 2.101? For example: is the item of a type used by the general public; sold or offered for sale to the general public? Is the modification of a type available in the commercial market place?
(b) Are you aware of a commercial item available in the market place that you could manufacture with minor modification to meet government requirements?
2. Item Required:
a. Is the item made of any type of material that is a major cost driver? For example, the item is made of {list major materials: i.e. leather, nylon, etc.}
b. Does any part of the item consist of foreign material?
If yes, what material and where is it manufactured.
c. Does your firm normally stock this item?
If yes, how many are on hand at any given time?
If no, would your firm be willing to stock this item?
If your firm is willing to stock this item, would you need a stocking-up period?
If so, how many days would be required to stock-up?
d. If you are a manufacturer, what is the production rate for this item?
How many items can be produced at a time?
Is the manufacturing process a batch process or a continuous process?

e. What is the minimum monthly production quantity required to be economically producible?

f. What is the maximum monthly production quantity without incurring additional costs?
1. Is the maximum monthly production quantity based on the items in question or is the maximum monthly production quantity based on your total manufacturing capacity?
3. Delivery:
a. Can you deliver item to military customers throughout the US (direct vendor delivery) as well as to stock points (such as Pendergrass, GA)?
b. Are there any pricing differences based on delivery locations? (For example, delivery to an east coast location would cost less than delivery to a west coast location due to bulk nature of the product.)
c. Can you deliver item on a FOB Destination basis?
d. The production lead-time associated with this item is 90 Days. Is this realistic?

Can you provide better terms? Terms:
e. The Government anticipates an annual demand quantity of 21,372 pairs. Can you meet this demand?
f. Would your firm be able to ship item in two days for an urgent requirement?
Please provide additional information, such as quickest delivery possible, extra costs associated with two day shipping, etc.
4. Pricing
a. The Government anticipates an annual demand quantity of 21,372 pairs. Can you provide a ballpark price? Please list estimated price below.
b. What is your estimated labor to material ratio?
c. Is pricing on item stable or volatile?
d. If the Government wishes to use an option to extend the term of the contract, a pricing mechanism for the option year needs to be included in any resultant contract.
1) Would you be able to provide pricing on the item for the base contract year (1 year) and any option year? That is, could you price items out 2 years, 3 years, 4 years or 5 years?
If no, please state why.
Note: please answer this question i.e.:
1 base and 4 option years
1 base and 3 option years
2) If the answer above is no and your firm can only provide pricing for one year, would you be willing to accept an Economic Price Adjustment, which would allow the Government to adjust the base contract price to achieve a revised contract unit price for an option year? The EPA is based on a formula that is generally tied to the Producer Price Index and is limited to a 10% annual increase. ___Y ___N
e. Do you have a minimum ordering quantity and/or dollar value that you require for an individual order? If yes, what would that quantity and/or dollar value be?
f. Do you have a maximum ordering quantity and/or dollar value that you require for an individual order? If yes, what would that quantity and/or dollar value be?
g. Are there price breaks for this item? If yes, what are the quantity break points?
h. How do you set prices for your customers? Do you have volume discounts or valued customer discounts? How would pricing be set for this item?
5. Quality/Warranty/Returns:
a. Do you have any commercial warranties? If no, please explain what your standard warranty plan is for the items that you sell.
b. What is your commercial practice for returns (items damaged upon delivery, incorrect orders, etc.)?
c. Do you use/have industry standards for product quality or safety? If yes, please list.
d. Do you inspect products for resale at time of receipt? If yes, who performs the inspections (i.e., individual, department)?
6. Company Description:
a. Are you a large or small business? (Small business being defined as a firm that employs less than 500 people)
b. Are you a manufacturer? If yes, would you be willing to provide an offer? If not, do you have an authorized dealer/distributor?
c. If you are a dealer/distributor, would you be willing to provide an offer? If you are not a dealer/distributor, do you have an authorized dealer/distributor?
Who is it?

d. If you are a dealer/distributor, is your supplier a small or large business?
e. Who are your major customers, e.g. retailers, industrial accounts, commercial accounts?
f. Do you have any long-term contracts (up to 5 years) with your customers and/or suppliers for the same or similar items?
g. Are you familiar with Long Term Contract Procedures? If yes, please describe. If no, please explain why (e.g., pricing too volatile, no interest).

7. First Article Requirements (if applicable):
a. The Government typically requires 30 days for the manufacture and delivery of the first article for this item. Is this an adequate amount of time for this item given the ordering and receipt of components?
b. If not, please provide a more appropriate amount of time and provide the reasons why you need the additional time.
c. The production lead time (PLT) for this item is 90 days. Given the 30 day delivery time and if needed an additional 30 days for government testing, would delivery within the PLT be affected?
8. Miscellaneous:
a. Can your company accommodate a surge requirement in which your company would be required to satisfy requirements for emergency situations (i.e., ramp up to meet early requirements (surge) and/or requirements that may exceed estimated annual quantities)?
b. Delivery orders issued under any resultant contract will be communicated to your company by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Does your firm have EDI capabilities?
If not, do you plan on establishing EDI capabilities in the near future?
c. Do you have access to and/or are you registered on Defense Logistics Agency's DLA internet Bid Board System DIBBS (at https:www.dibbs.bsm.dla.mil)?
d. If item is commercial, any anticipated Request for Proposal (RFP) may only allow 2 weeks between issue date and closing/due date. Can you respond to an RFP in this timeframe?
e. Is your company registered in the System for Award Management (formally the Central Contractor Registration (CCR))? (Registration is mandatory prior to receiving any award from DLA Troop Support)
1. Interest:
a. Would your company be interested in supplying this item?
b. Place of Performance:
c. Subcontracting? ___Y ___N
d. Subcontractor(s):

e. Percent Subcontracted:
NOTE: "The Defense appropriations and authorization acts and other statutes (including what is commonly referred to as "The Berry Amendment") impose restrictions on the DoD's acquisition of foreign products and services. Generally, Clothing and Textile items (as defined in DFARS clause 252.225-7012 and "specialty metals" (as defined in DFARS clause 252.225-7014), including the materials and components thereof (other than sensors, electronics, or other items added to, and not normally associated with clothing), must be grown, reprocessed, reused, melted or produced in the United States, its possession or Puerto Rico, unless one of the DFARS 225.7002-2 exceptions applies.
Lack of response will be interpreted as non-interest. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at 215.737.2374 samuel.clifton@dla.mil .

Opportunity closing date
28 May 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Defense Logistics Agency DLA Troop Support - Clothing & Textiles United States

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