Brazil - CBRN detection and identification equipment

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The army is looking for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence equipment.


Opportunity closing date
18 October 2021
Opportunity publication date
11 October 2021
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Public Sector
Aerospace, Airports, Chemicals, Environment, Security, Advanced engineering, Creative industries, Space, Defence, Medical devices and equipment
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to be confirmed
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It wants:
- 4 detection drones
- 7 stand-off detectors of chemical and biological warfare agents model falcon 4g or similar
- 160 personal radiation detectors-rad eye prd g or similar
- 125 personal radiation detectors
- 3 rad-eye sprd gn or similar decontamination portal
- 3 portable chemical identifier-flir griffin g510 or similar
- 5 detector for hazardous gases and chemical agents gda-s or similar
- 15 compact portable detectors of gda-p or similar
- 4 rugged, handheld explosives trace -detectors-flir fido x3 (etd) or similar
- 4 handheld chemical detectors chempro 1001 or similar
- 4 lightweight chemical detectors lcd 3.2e
- 3 stand-off equipment to detect, identify and monitor all know chemical warfare agents (cwa) and important toxic industrial chemicals (tics) at long distances
- 9 ap4c chemical detectors for toxic industrial materials and toxic industrial compounds
- 11 chemical and tics agent detectors lcd 3.3 vehicle integration for use in vehicle
- 3 fully automated biological agent detectors-flir ibac 2
- 5 Light multi-role vehicles for CBRN Recognition, Survey and Scene Assessment (RSSA). With high mobility, the vehicle supports the immediate detection and management of contamination, as well as related Warning and Reporting and Scene Assessment to support a CBRN common operation picture. It marks and delineates contaminates areas (STANAG 2002) and performs sampling missions
- 1,040 chemical detection paper, abc 3way or similar
- 5 ap4c simulators
- 5 lcd 3.3 simulators
- 1 chempro 100/100i simulators
- 45 radaye gf-10 simulators
- 3 sam940 simulators
- 2 RDS-100/PRD-77 Simprobs
- 6 FLIR identiFINDER® R425 Technology Radionuclide identification devices
- 150 personal radiation detectors RadEye PRO-ER
- 12 training detectors RDS-200
- 2 hyperpure germanium (HPG) detectors with 40% relative efficiency
- 3 radiation backpack-sentry: Gamma detection box (2 by 4 inchies), backpack and smartphone with SPIR-app application Charger, user manual and quick guide - Calibration certificate; - ACDC Adapter, EUUS/GB AUS plug-USB to DC cable for the deflector-USB to micro USB cable for the Smartphone: USB to DC cable for the detector-Smartphone with SPIR-App application
- 1 handheld detection and identification LaBr addressing all applications requiring efficient detection and identification of radio-logical threats in security applications, including civil defence, border security and customs. The unit must offer identification performance beyond current standards for Rs such as for heavily shielded isotopes, unbalanced mixtures of nuclides and special nuclear material
- a portable Nal detector and identifier
- 6 chemical and biological long range active stand-off detectors
- 61 laser-based stand-off detector with range up to 6,000 meters for identification and range up to 1,500 meters for evaluation of concentration profiles, being able to identify and quantify chemical agents
- tablet reader capable of storing data of qualitative contaminant presence/ausence of biological threats

Further information is available on request from the Department for International Trade team in Brazil.

Opportunity closing date
18 October 2021
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors

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