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Opportunity closing date
11 May 2029
Opportunity publication date
15 April 2021
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Stortinget (the Norwegian Parliament) is establishing a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for the area of ‘business development’. In this term we add the following:— organisation development,— alteration work,— business management.For more information about how dynamic purchasing systems function, refer to at dynamic purchasing system will provide the basis to run competitions under the scheme for consultancy services in ‘business development’. See below for a more detailed description.Click here
In order to realise our strategic goals and profits of our alteration work, organisation development and good business management, the Norwegian Parliament's administration wants to establish a dynamic purchasing system.Development and alteration logStortingets administrasjon (the Norwegian Parliament Administration) has an alteration oriented strategy with clear goals. In order to reach these goals the administration is working with specific alteration projects, and has begun measures in order to build language, method, structures and culture in order to be a stronger alteration and development organisation. These two areas go hand in hand, and there is a focus on changes and learning from projects that give a basis for organisation development and vice versa.In the time ahead there may be a need for assistance in the form of capacity and competence to:— development of effective portfolio management,— project management and project methodology,— process management,— systems for continual improvement,— methodology for problem analysis and solution development,— appropriate organisation of development work where work should be comprehensive and across the line organisation,— relevant work methodology for carrying out alterations work,— increase organisation knowledge about new work forms and methods in the alternation and development work.• The Norwegian Parliament Administration currently has its own framework agreements for project management and methodology for IT projects. The administration will primarily use these for implementation of IT projects.Organisation DevelopmentIn order to realise the goals in our business strategy and profits of our alteration work, we are dependent on systematic and goal-oriented organisation development, including development of our leaders, employees and our organisation culture. The Norwegian Parliament Administration has prepared a separate vision that described the desired future for management, employeeship and culture in our organisation. A development program has been established that will initiate and coordinate measures and activities that substantiate this vision.In the time ahead there may be a need for assistance in the form of capacity and competence to:— manager development, team development and employee development,— organisation development and restructuring processes,— continual improvement and development of work processes,— work environment processes and conflict management,— analysis and evaluation assignment.Business managementThe Norwegian Parliament’s administration follows the state’s financial regulations with some adjustments. There is continual further development work to ensure that the Norwegian Parliament Administration has efficient and correct business management, and efficient and justifiable accounting and financial management.In the time ahead there may be a need for assistance in the form of capacity and competence to:— strategy development on a business level or within individual areas,— further development of business management model, including target-oriented management and performance management, risk management and risk assessment, and budgeting,— develop and implement internal control model, or parts of this, including quality system. This can also involve assistance to process support, risk assessments, facilitation of activities such as for e.g. process mapping, etc.,— development and implementation of evaluation methodology,— the list is not exhaustive, also other associated assignment can be relevant.As of March 2021 the Norwegian Parliament Administration has not established an internal audit. This may in the long run be relevant with assistance in connection with the development of the internal audit routines, instructions, risk assessment, determination of audit plan, implementation of planned confirmation assignments and/or advisory assignments, ad-hoc assignments, investigation needs as part of the internal audit assistance, courses and training, one or more consultants, core teams, support teams and other related.See the qualification documentation for further details.

Opportunity closing date
11 May 2029
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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