France - Building demolition and earthmoving work

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Opportunity closing date
10 October 2019
Opportunity publication date
03 September 2019
45110000: Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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Asbestos removal, structural work, masonry, demolition/carpeting, tiling, renovation (without external insulation), plumbing and specialized room equipment, false ceilings, partitions, lining, interior joinery and fittings, painting, wall coverings, flexible floor coverings, locksmithing (excluding the construction of collective roof protection ancillary works) Qualibat: 1552, Afnor Certification or Global Certification "asbestos treatment" mandatory/2111 masonry and reinforced concrete work (current)/6311 tiles, coatings (current)/3421 waterproofing of facades (current)/5112 sanitary plumbing installation for buildings without pressure boosters greater than 1,000 m2/6611 supply and installation of modular suspended ceilings (current)/4131 plasterboard (current)/4312 supply and installation of wooden interior joinery/6111 painting and renovation (current)/6222 PVC resilient coatings (confirmed). Facade claddings (cladding, cladding, cladding, cladding, external insulation included) Qualibat 3811: simple cladding walls (common technicality). Waterproofing, carpentry (wood or metal), roofing, zinc plating, locksmith's shop for the construction of collective roof protection ancillary works Qualibat 3212: waterproofing in bituminous sheet materials (confirmed technicality), Qualibat 2302: supply and installation of traditional carpentry, in glued laminated wood and wooden structure (confirmed technicality), Qualibat 3152: metal roofing except lead (confirmed technicality). Exterior joinery PVC, aluminium, steel (metalwork), wood, blinds, shades, sunscreens (sunbreakers, roller shutters) Qualibat 3512: supply and installation of exterior joinery in all types of buildings, Qualibat 4522: manufacture and installation of shutters, roller shutters, casement and sliding shutters, blinds, adjustable residential and tertiary sun shades, Qualibat 4532: manufacture and installation of collective, residential, tertiary and industrial blinds, Qualibat 4411: locksmithing and metalwork (current technicality). Electricity for low high-current currents, Qualifelec CFMCGTI2 ST-SU- AV-RC-FO MGTI (medium - coarse tertiary - industry). Heating, ventilation, air conditioning Qualibat 5213: heating installation with gas/fuel boiler in individual, collective and tertiary housing over 1,000 m2, Qualibat 5312: installation of VMC in individual, collective, tertiary housing over 1,000 m2. Road networks-miscellaneous, green spaces Qualibat 1321: sewerage pipes (common technicality), Qualibat 1351: green spaces. Elevator. Modular buildings. Qualibat 9123 kitchen equipment: community kitchen. Cleaning.

Opportunity closing date
10 October 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Conseil départemental des Yvelines 2 place André Mignot Versailles 78012 France

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