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Opportunity closing date
15 December 2023
Opportunity publication date
25 October 2023
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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Process modifications and separation of inerting networks for the NOAH installation at the PHENIX Power Plant - contract M4222.
FIRM SERVICESThe firm services of the contract concern the implementation of various works to be carried out on the NOAH Sodium destruction installation following the phase 3.0 tests.This covers :- Modifying the soda evacuation circuit (FT01 & FT02),- Switching the emergency scavenging of NSRE03/04/05 tanks to air (FT03),- Separating the argon/nitrogen inert gas networks (FT04, FT05 & FT06)- Connecting the NSRE07 low-point tank to the process ventilation (FT07),- Improving the ventilation function of the NSRE03/04/05 tanks (FT08),- Improving the accessibility of the NSV067 valve for SIS inerting (FT09),- Modifications linked to the maintenance of the NSCL10 valve and its tightness control (FT10),- Collection of nitrogen exhaust from NHEV04 and NHV055 (FT11),- Improvements to NSMC01 soda concentration measurement (FT13),- Addition of leak detection in rooms 48604 and 48603 (FT14),- Graphic modifications to the supervision system (FT16),- Removal of the ICD from the ventilation duct (FT18),- Interfacing between NOAH and INES (FT19), UNIT PRICE SERVICESUnit price services concern the following services:- Supply, delivery, installation of equipment / materials - Assistance for phase 3 tests See detailed list in Appendix 5 of this Draft Contract.FDMDP (FICHE DE MODIFICATIONS SUR DEVIS PREALABLE) servicesFDMDP services concern the performance of modification services directly related to the subject of the contract.

Opportunity closing date
15 December 2023
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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CEA Marcoule Service des Marchés & Achats, Bureau Achats Projets - Bâtiment 181, BP 17171 Bagnols sur Cèze cedex 30207 France

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