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Opportunity closing date
23 November 2026
Opportunity publication date
25 October 2021
71240000: Ar
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Nord-Fron kommune [Nord-Fron Municipality] will establish a dynamic purchasing system within the field of consulting engineer services in order to cover the municipality’ need within the areas:- Buildings and properties- Consultancy services related to transport engineering, municipal engineering, environment and natureThe assignment is limited to locations in Nord-Fron municipality where the municipality is responsible for the assignment.Click here:
Orientation about the dynamic purchasing scheme:All of the applications to participate in the purchasing system are processed continuously throughout the entire period ofpurchasing system. I.e. At any time during the period the system lasts, the tenderer can sendan application to qualify for the purchasing system. Tenderers who submit applications andfulfil the qualification requirements are approved as suppliers and included in the system. Asupplier can also at any time leave the system.Only when a specific service will be procured are tenders requested from the suppliers whoare approved in the system. All suppliers qualified in the system at the point in time ofpublication of contests will be invited to submit tenders. The contests that are published inthe system will have individual requirements including competence requirements. The award criteria must be adjusted for the service the contracting authority wants to havecarried out. The tender deadline will be at least ten days.The contracting authority can at any time extend or end the duration of a dynamicpurchasing system. Any changes in the duration of the scheme will be published on Doffin.

Opportunity closing date
23 November 2026
Value of contract

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Nord-Fron kommune Nedregate 50 VINSTRA 2640 Norway

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