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Opportunity closing date
30 March 2023
Opportunity publication date
03 March 2023
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The planning of the technical building equipment for the new construction of a 4-story main building with a single-story annex is put out to tender. This building is planned for the permanent accommodation and centralization of the Film Archive Department and with a direct structural connection to the existing Building VIII (1.BA).
The scope for this award procedure includes the planning of the technical building equipment for service phase 3 with the result of the preparation of a final project document (FPU) according to the new RBBau (edition 01.10.2022) section E 3 as well as the further service phases 4 to 8. The basis for the planning is the approved, established and budgetary recognized ES-Bau.DescriptionThe planned measure is the II. Construction phase of the Federal Film Archive at the Hoppegarten site. A compact four-story new building with a single-story annex is planned, which will be connected to the 1st construction phase via a connecting corridor. The guidelines for sustainable construction and accessibility are to be applied to the entire building. The building is to be designed according to energy standard EGB 40. In order to meet the primary energy requirements, measures for regenerative energy generation or the use of renewable energies are required.The first floor contains work, technical and recreation rooms, most of which are naturally lit via the windows in the outer facade. On the upper floor, the facade is largely windowless, as the storage of the film material does not allow any opening to the outside. For the film archive rooms, different climatic conditions are to be realized throughout the year, depending on the use, whereby 3 different climatic zones are to be taken into account here: for use with 20°C and 50% RH; for quarantine, magnetic films, SW films with 12°C and 30% RH or 6°C and 50% RH, and for color films with -6°C and 30% RH, Control deviation +/- 2 K and +/-5% r.H. To ensure the required room climate conditions, redundancies are to be provided for the refrigeration and ventilation systems.These are not required for heat generation. The heat generation system is planned centrally via a CHP unit and a gas condensing boiler, which also supplies the 1st construction phase. As a 2nd variant is due to the current economic situation a combination of district heating and BHKW to be included in the consideration for energy supply and to be re-evaluated. The heat is distributed via panel radiators or tube radiators. The building roof is designed as a flat roof and is drained via internal downpipes. The provision of hot drinking water for the tapping points in the building is to be decentralized. A gas extinguishing system is to be planned for securing the archive material and for fire protection of the supply technology in the event of a fire. Building automation systems for processing measurement, control, monitoring and optimization functions are to be provided for the technical systems planned in the new building. A corresponding concept for technical monitoring is to be drawn up and updated.usable floor space 8,706 m² / GFA 13,331 m² / BRI 57,668 m³.

Opportunity closing date
30 March 2023
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Brandenburgischer Landesbetrieb für Liegenschaften und Bauen An der Wache 2 Zossen 15806 Germany

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