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Opportunity closing date
19 August 2019
Opportunity publication date
10 July 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed
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3.1.1) The scope of works includes single mowing of grasses in the meadows of the Browsk Forest Inspectorate on the area of 40.97 ha. The following tasks are included in the scope of the contract: - Mowing meadows with a flail mower on an area of 20.65 ha,- Mowing grass together with hay harvesting on an area of 20.32 ha.2) The work will consist of: mowing the grass; raking (drying hay) should be carried out using a tedder-raiser and should be understood as a one-off tedding and spreading of the mown grass on the entire meadow surface; collecting hay in bulk or by means of a forage wagon; hay should be folded into the brogues and when full in the stalls.3) Preparation for work and adjustment of necessary machines and equipment, access to the position indicated in the order and return, performance of the treatment - all using the means and forces at the disposal of the Contractor.4) Mowing should be performed at a height of 5-10 cm above the surface of the ground. Do not use circular mowing from the outside to the inside of the mown area. It is advisable to have a circular mowing from the centre of the mown area.5) The acceptance of the works will include the number of actually performed works. The settlement of the performed works will be based on the field inspection, during which the measurement of the area of the completed mowing will be made. The measurement will be made using a GPS receiver, laser rangefinder or measuring tape. During the inspection, the correctness of task execution will be checked.3.2. General principles of order execution.1) The Contractor will perform the subject of the contract on the basis of written orders submitted by the Representatives of the Purchaser (hereinafter: "Order"). The content of the Order is specified in the Public Procurement Agreement (attachment No. 3 to the ToR).2) The Contractor shall be obliged to clean up the remains of works related to the execution of the subject of the Order from roads, surface division lines, ditches, etc., objects and other waste from its own activities (rubbish, empty packaging, used machine elements, etc.).3) The Contractor shall be obliged to equip all machines, tractors and equipment working on the areas of the Browsk Forest Inspectorate with sets (sorbents, sorption mats, etc.) of absorption capacity enabling absorption of spilled fuel or oil and other technological fluids used in machines, tractors and other equipment and to use these means in situations requiring application (breakdowns, repairs, refuelling, etc.) - in order to prevent environmental pollution.4) List of areas to be mown in the Browsk Forest Inspectorate:Lp. Forest address Pow. (ha)1. 01-05-1-02-42B-a-00 1,002 01-05-1-10-27C-j-00 0,303 01-05-1-10-27A-c-00 1,004 01-05-1-10-27A-h-00 0,125 01-05-1-10-40A-d-00 0,506 01-05-1-10-41A -f -00 0,607 01-05-1-10-51D-i -00 0,508 01-05-2-04-753B-g-00 0,309 01-05-2-04-754A-h-00 0,1010 01-05-2-04-758C-j-00 0,7511 01-05-2-04-758C-k-00 0,7512 01-05-2-05-767C-c-00 0,6413 01-05-2-05-767C-d-00 0,4014 01-05-2-05-767C-f -00 0,2515 01-05-1-02-66A -c-00 0,4016 01-05-10-67B -d-00 0,9017 01-05-2-05-2-06-46B-n-00 0,5018 01-05-2-06-59D-d-00 1,0019 01-05-3-07-75A-c-00 0,5020 01-05-3-07-76A-i-00 0,8821 01-05-3-07-76C-d -00 0,2022 01-05-3-08-121D-h-00 0,0523 01-05-3-08-122D-f -00 0,1524 01-05-2-05-759B-j-00 0,7025 01-05-3-08-151A-f -00 0,3026 01-05-3-08-151B-a-00 0,1027 01-05-3-08-152A-b-00 0,1028 01-05-3-08-152B-a-00 0,1029 01-05-3-08-95A-i-00 0,5030 01-05-3-08-98A-a-00 0,2031 01-05-3-08-99A-g -00 0,2032 01-05-3-09-103E-a-00 5,0033 01-05-3-09-126D-h-00 0,6034 01-05-3-09-129A-a-00 3,0035 01-05-3-09-129C-a-00 3,0036 01-05-3-09-187B-g-00 0,7037 01-05-3-09-187B-h-00 0,5038 01-05-3-09-187B-i -00 0,6039 01-05-3-09-187D-b-00 0,6040 01-05-3-09-187D-a-00 0,6041 01-05-3-09-103B-a-00 2,5042 01-05-3-09-103B-f-00 1,4543 01-05-1-10-85D-b-00 0,5444 01-05-10-85D-c-00 0,6545 01-05-10-85D-d-00 0,5146 01-05-1-10-85D-i-00 0,1347 01-05-3-08-124D-h-00 6,0048 01-05-3-08-124D-i-00 0,60

Opportunity closing date
19 August 2019
Value of contract
to be confirmed

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Skarb Państwa, Państwowe Gospodarstwo Leśne, Lasy Państwowe Gruszki 10 Narewka 17-220 Poland

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