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Deciding your pricing strategy and routes to market for overseas sales

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Understand how to price your goods and get them in front of your customer.

What you’ll learn

  • the different elements of pricing for export and available costing options
  • the different routes to market
  • how to identify a suitable agent or distributor


Whether you are exporting goods or services, this session will help you understand how to make strategic decisions for your business. We’ll begin with a discussion on the different factors that affect your costs when serving overseas customers. We’ll also touch on the different pricing models you may wish to consider and think about how to research for price.

Next, we’ll outline the different routes to market – should you work directly with customers, or should you engage somebody else to help?  And finally, we’ll talk through how to identify a suitable agent or distributor and the due diligence considerations when working with partners.


Robin Hill

UK Export Academy Adviser, Department for Business and Trade

Robin has a wealth of practical experience in the field of business management and import/export, having run his own businesses here, in UK, and over the channel, in France.

Since joining UK Export Academy in 2021, he has delivered in-excess of 100 webinars, and personally supported over 5,000 companies reach their export goals.

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