Adaptation and resilience: future-proof against the impacts of climate change

Communities across the globe are adapting to the very worst impacts of climate change. This guide largely focuses on the UK’s strengths within the goods and services which are supporting global communities in their efforts to adapt and build resilience against the effects of climate change.

Clean Growth remains at the heart of the UK government’s export strategy. As the world goes green, our ambition is to be at the forefront of the global green revolution, exporting the UK’s climate solutions.

The Department for International Trade is supporting UK businesses to co-operate with international partners to transform adaptation and resilience measures into practical solutions.

Thus, we are launching our Export Capability Guide for Adaptation and Resilience. This sets out the UK’s capabilities, which include setting up early warning systems for extreme weather conditions, to building sustainable flood defences and helping farmers manage farming systems in changing environments. This is just one of the ways we are helping businesses with the knowledge they need to build a more resilient and adaptable world.

This guide is the fourth in a series of Export Capability Guides setting out the UK’s expertise across a range of sectors critical to the global transition – Energy Transition, Clean Transport, Greener Buildings, and Adaptation and Resilience.

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