Engineering Biology

From the discovery of the structure of DNA to the development of COVID-19 vaccines, the UK has a long history in biological sciences innovation.

The next step – engineering biology – enables scientists to redesign or create organisms and proteins, leading to the creation of innovative products such as medicines, substitute meats and low-carbon chemicals. It is transforming many aspects of how we live for the better, including our ability to treat diseases, farm food sustainably, and tackle climate change by reducing emissions.

Engineering biology has huge potential – it could be worth up to $4 trillion globally each year by 2040 and the UK is leading the way. We are number one in Europe for biotechnology, aided by our world-class universities and innovative businesses.

The UK has over 1,300 biotechnology companies and has founded more biotech companies than any other nation in Europe, with the most venture and Initial Public Offering (IPO) funding. In 2021, UK biotech companies secured over £3,138 million in private equity, representing 68% of total venture finance in UK life sciences.

Investment Opportunities

Genetic engineering concept. Medical science. Scientific Laboratory.

Biomanufacturing in Tees Valley

Tees Valley is driving UK clean growth, converting sustainable feedstocks into high-value biopharmaceuticals, food and feed, biofuels and biochemical products.

The Tees Valley area has an established integrated industrial economy, an efficient local supply chain and significant academic connections.

With new biomanufacturing processes and techniques available, sustainable and profitable growth makes achieving net zero a realistic goal.

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Across the UK

The UK has unique strengths across the whole of engineering biology, from the science of DNA sequencing and synthesis to entrepreneurs creating new products and processes, with clusters of researchers and entrepreneurs across the UK; including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Teesside and Norwich.

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