An established destination for clinical trials

With the strongest biomedical pipeline in Europe and agile regulation, the UK provides the ideal environment for clinical trials

Our regulatory and health leadership, along with a global trade approach, brings life sciences and health solutions to the world. The UK life sciences sector offers a connected and innovative industry cluster, linking investors with customers, collaborators, supply chains and innovation partners.

Clinical research is the backbone of healthcare innovation: it is the way we improve the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our institutions and research centres can help progress your clinical trial with rapid, robust and agile capabilities - capabilities such as those demonstrated through the regulatory response to COVID-19. In addition to the already outstanding performance of the UK life science sector, the UK Government’s response to the Independent Review of Clinical Trials led by Lord O’Shaughnessyopens in a new tab will provide the industry with £121 million in funding.

Recent government initiatives continue to demonstrate the UK as a leading centre for medical technology, with our National Health Service (NHS) being a key innovation partner helping businesses to design, test and market new products at an unprecedented scale.

Our strengths

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Expeditious clinical research assessments

Since September 2023, the fast and predictable regulatory pathways and assessments for clinical trials have enabled an average of 24 days for initial assessments and an average of 12 days for amendments.

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Capitalise on a growing industry

The UK government continues to commit to scaling up the UK life sciences sector, as set out in the 2021 Life Sciences Vision, and has secured £520 million for life sciences manufacturing between 2025 and 2030.opens in a new tab

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World-leading medicine and clinical regulation

Clinical assessments at the MHRA are driven by robust measures and procedures to ensure the maintenance of predictable and sustainable performance, whilst maintaining patient safety.

Conduct your clinical trial in the UK

The specialist team at MHRA are equipped to help you take the next step to begin your clinical trial in the UK.

Grow your business in the UK

Discover the UK healthcare and life sciences investment opportunities available today

Beyond opportunities to progress your clinical trials, the UK life science sector offers multiple opportunities to invest.

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