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The UK is in the top 10 global countries for electric vehicle and battery manufacturing growth. With 2 gigafactories already announced and ranking 4th in Europe for its charging infrastructure, it is a prime destination for investment in this sphere.

The UK is committed to become the fastest G7 nation to decarbonise vehicles with the goal for all new vehicles to be fully zero emission by 2035.

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As the largest aerospace sector in the world, the UK is at the forefront of new aviation technologies with expertise in aerostructures, composite material manufacture, propulsion, critical aircraft systems, aircraft interiors and through-life services.

The UK is on the path to achieving net zero aviation by 2050, and the industry is leading the way in sustainable development by trialling hydrogen and other fuel sources towards decarbonisation.

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Connected and automated mobility (CAM)

The CAM Testbed UK offers 6 world-leading facilities for the modelling, simulation, testing, development and deployment of connected and automated mobility solutions.

Companies in CAM Testbed UK offer investors the opportunity to develop, test, and prove ready to deploy CAM technologies directly to global markets, accelerating their development and validation.

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Life sciences

Second to the USA for inward investment and the leader in Europe on life sciences finance, the UK life sciences ecosystem offers an innovative and connected sector that links investors to customers, partners, collaborators and supply chains.

The UK has a track record of scientific breakthroughs and has more biotech products in development than any other country in Europe. Underpinned by the new long-term Life Sciences Vision setting the strategic direction over the next decade, the UK provides opportunities for businesses to grow within a wide array of life science segments and sub-sectors.

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Green industries

For the last 30 years, the UK has developed a world-leading offer for investors across the clean growth economy. By accelerating opportunities for investment across renewable energy, zero-emission vehicle technologies, sustainable consumption, infrastructure, and green finance, the UK has provided world-class solutions on low-carbon technologies and services to global markets.

The UK's success in this sector has been built upon its expertise in high-value service and financial industries, alongside a regulatory framework that provides long-term direction and support for innovation and excellence in the design and manufacturing of leading-edge technology.

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