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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Category definition

This category is open to businesses whose main business product, service or function is artificial intelligence. This encompasses technology with the ability to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision.

AI in the UK

The UK is an AI superpower, driven by early adoption alongside strengths in research, investment and innovation. As the most mature AI market in Europe, and ranking 3rd globally behind the US and Singapore, the UK presents a strategic advantage for businesses engaging with this new frontier of technology.

Research predicts that more than 1.3m million UK businesses will be using AI by 2040. In 2020, UK businesses spent circa £63 billion on AI technology and AI-related labour, and this is expected to reach more than £200 billion by 2040.

With one of the strongest investment markets for AI globally, the UK makes it easier to attract funding to develop technologies, meaning it is an ideal investment destination.

This award is open to globally ambitious scale ups in AI.

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Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) Technology

Category definition

This category is open to businesses whose main business product, service or function is related to Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) technology. This encompasses any vehicle relying on connectivity and autonomous authority to travel safely and within the rules of the Highway Code. Please note, this award is specifically related to technology businesses rather than the production of vehicles themselves.

CAM technology in the UK

The UK is investing heavily in future technologies and infrastructure for a low-carbon economy, creating a huge market for innovation and large-scale capital projects. It is committed to developing innovative, smart and sustainable mobility solutions, demonstrated through the UK’s net zero commitments.

The UK is leading the charge to develop cleaner transport through R&D funding opportunities, investment and partnerships for businesses across the whole supply chain, positioning the UK as a destination full of opportunities.

This award is open to globally ambitious scale ups in CAM Technology.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Category definition

This category is open to businesses whose main business product, service or function is cyber security technology, which exists to reduce the risks and protect devices, infrastructure, networks and services from cyber-attacks.

Cyber security in the UK

The global expansion of cyberspace is changing the way we live, work, and communicate, while transforming the critical systems we rely on in areas such as finance, energy, food distribution, healthcare and transport. In short, cyberspace is now integral to our future security and prosperity.

The UK is recognised as a global leader in Cyber Security innovation & commerce and is home to the largest, most concentrated and accessible market in Europe, with almost 300 international cyber security companies and a market forecasted to grow by 10.4% between 2023 and 2028 according to CAGR, the investment opportunities available in the UK are only set to grow.

The UK is a trusted international base for operations and has clusters of expertise across the UK meaning a wealth of opportunities are readily available.

This award is open to globally ambitious scale-ups in Cyber Security.

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Digital Trade Solutions

Category definition

This category is open to businesses whose main business product, service or function is digital trade, defined by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as digitally enabled transactions in trade in goods and services which can be either digitally ordered and/or digitally delivered involving consumers, firms and governments.

Digital trade solutions in the UK

Digitalisation is fundamentally changing the international trade landscape transforming what and how we trade. The UK wants to see modern and ambitious digital trade provisions in trade, this includes the free flow of data and cross-border data flows. Data flows are a key driver of global trade and the lifeblood of today’s digitalised economies. They are vital not only to high tech industries but also traditional sectors, good and services as well.

The UK believes that the Digital Economy is an important driver of wider economic growth and has a critical role to play in promoting development and inclusivity. The UK is at the forefront in making global trade easier for all involved by addressing barriers around digital trade and push forward innovative thinking that allows for greater collaboration and easier cross border interoperability.

Trading electronically helps break down barriers, enables businesses to trade more cheaply and quickly and ensures a greater degree of confidence as information can be shared more easily and collaboratively, within the international frameworks. The UK offers access to a large, open market that continues to expand as new technologies and services emerge.

This award is open to globally ambitious scale ups working within Digital Trade Solutions (with a focus on digital customs, digital identities, electronic trade documents and electronic invoicing).

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